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Mathematical Pattern Found in Enigmatic Radio Bursts, But It’s Not E.T.

A strange mathematical pattern spotted in blasts of radio waves coming from deep space could be evidence of alien civilizations. Or it might be nothing.

Unfortunately for those of us hoping for aliens, we’ve seen so few of these radio bursts that it’s hard to say whether the “pattern” will hold up.

Blasts from the Past

These blasts of radio waves are known as fast radio bursts – extremely energetic, super-fast cosmic pulses that appear to be originating from billions of light-years away. They’re rare: Scientists reported the first burst in 2007 and have only published another 10 observations since then.

Nobody knows what causes fast radio bursts. Theories describing their origin range from evaporating primordial black holes to neutron stars colliding with comets, to things that are much closer to home – but are just pretending to be really far away. The most intriguing explanation batted around, though, blames communicating extraterrestrial civilizations. While Snapchatting aliens are not a possibility that has been seriously considered so far, it hasn’t been ruled out.

In truth, the question of what these things are can’t really be solved until we know their distances.

Astronomers estimate the bursts’ distances using something called a dispersion measure, which tracks how much interstellar gunk the signal has passed through*. Briefly, bursts that are farther away travel through more gunk than bursts that are closer, and astronomers can figure out how gunked up a signal is by studying how it arrives at Earth.

FM 187.5?

When Michael Hippke of Germany’s Institute for Data Analysis recently plotted the dispersion measures of the 11 known bursts, he and his colleagues found something surprising: All the dispersion measures are integer multiples of the same number, 187.5.

In other words, maybe the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything isn’t 42.

It’s 187.5.

When graphed, the data certainly look compelling (see Figure 1 on page 2). The team calculated a 5 in 10,000 chance of the pattern being pure coincidence. Furthermore, no astrophysical systems that we know of can produce such a stepwise distribution of dispersion measures, the team argued.

So what’s going on? If the pattern is real, it suggests fast radio bursts are not coming from all over the universe, says astronomer Scott Ransom of the U.S. National Radio Astronomy Observatory. “In that case, they should be smoothly distributed in dispersion measure,” he says. Alternatively, the signals could be coming from closer to Earth. “[The pattern] could point to a very strange kind of radio frequency interference, I suppose,” he says.

As a March 31 story in New Scientist notes, one possible explanation for the mysterious 187.5 is pulsars, perhaps behaving according to physical laws we’re not yet aware of. Another is an unmapped spy satellite, masquerading as a signal from the distant universe.

Or, just maybe, 187.5 is the arrow pointing to ET.

Connecting Cosmic Dots

It’s an exciting possibility. Trouble is, the trend identified in the study isn’t likely to survive – for one simple reason: Newer observations, not included in the study or reported by New Scientist, don’t fit.

Hippke and his colleagues looked at dispersion measures from the 11 fast radio bursts for which published data are available. But more bursts are waiting in the wings.

“There are five fast radio bursts to be reported,” says Michael Kramer of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy. “They do not fit the pattern.” Kramer is part of the team combing through data gathered by Australia’s Parkes Observatory, where all the fast radio bursts, except for one, have been spotted so far. The paper describing those bursts is close to being submitted for review, he says.

Instead of aliens, unexpected astrophysics, or even Earthly interference, the mysterious mathematical pattern is probably an artifact produced by a small sample size, Ransom says. When working with a limited amount of data – say, a population of 11 fast radio bursts – it’s easy to draw lines that connect the dots. Often, however, those lines disappear when more dots are added.

“My prediction is that this pattern will be washed out quite quickly once more fast radio bursts are found,” says West Virginia University’s Duncan Lorimer, who reported the first burst in 2007. “It’s a good example of how apparently significant results can be found in sparse data sets.”

The probability theories on which statistical tests rely are much more powerful when data sets are larger; it becomes easier to rule out coincidence and rule in significance. That’s why scientists strive to include as many data points as possible, whether they’re studying exoplanets, tumors, rats in a maze, or enigmatic astrophysical signals of unknown origin.

“It is possible that it is only an artifact,” Hippke says, of the pattern. “I know that several new fast radio bursts have been found, yet unpublished. I’d suggest these people release the dispersion measures of these FRBs, perhaps in the form of short research notes, to decide the question.”

Alas, it seems that any potential evidence for communicating extraterrestrial civilizations is slipping away almost as quickly as it emerged.

*More information on dispersion measures: Because fast radio bursts span a range of frequencies, they contain a mix of different radio wavelengths. Higher frequency radio waves are shorter and can travel more easily through the cosmos. Lower frequency waves are longer and tend to get redirected or slowed down while passing through clouds of electrons (i.e., “gunk”).

If a fast radio burst is coming from sufficiently far away, there will be a measurable delay between the arrivals of its high- and low-frequency ingredients. That delay, which corresponds to the amount of interstellar gunk the signal moves through, is called the dispersion measure.

71 thoughts on “Mathematical Pattern Found in Enigmatic Radio Bursts, But It’s Not E.T.

  1. > ref: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1503.05245v2.pdf


    > =187.5cm??3 pc, gives near-perfect estimates for
    the other FRBs when multiplying DM_try with integer
    numbers (see Table 1 and Fig. 1).

    I would not say that the relative errors in Table 1 Col:”DM Dev” are near zero, they range from -5% to +4% with a sd of what looks, by eye, to be around 2%.

    And the deviations should also include the uncertainty in the original DM value (k = 2 coverage factor?), which admittedly does not have a big influence. But a spot check does show that the normalisation has been done wrt DM_est and not DM, which I would have done :

    =sqrt( (40/790)^2 + (3/2 /790)^2 )
    = 5,1%

    Fig 1 seems to suggest the errors are far smaller than they really are. Where are the data points for the worst case points 110627 and 011025? I see 110626 but this is not
    27 pc/cm³ above or below the fit ??

  2. Off topic (sort of) request. Is it possible to encourage NatGeo to add a “like” button for the Phonomena series? Often I have no relative comment but would like to express thanks for an informative post (this being one of them). A simple like button would be perfect.

  3. is it possible that a very advanced civilization uses bursts to relay tons of info like googles) in an extremely short time ? how would energy beings communicate over large expanses of space . tight or wide beam and narrow or wide range of frequencies ? remember lightning is over a lot of frequencies. imagine info being relayed in that burst … maybe going through or bouncing off stars and blackholes and dark matter etc ?

  4. It’s 187.5
    87.5=FM of the first radio broadcast.

    In my belief this is a “signal received” message.

  5. Artifact of our own existence somewhere or sometime else? The probability is greater that it is not random. We are so desperate here on Earth we look for signs……….they are all around us. 187? isnt that the code for murder?

  6. Their timing is very suspicious. They always occur within a tenth of a second of an official integer second in UTC (coordinated universal time). That’s really suspicious for something supposedly interstellar in origin.

  7. The more info I gather on this subject the more questions I have. The feed back from the comments section is more more enlightening than the online news. In my opinion we are reading the start of a cover up. compare articles which can`t agree on multiple or single signal origin, light years or kilometers or even the math behind it all. the news I first read about was frb`s from 5 separate locations directed at earth measuring 187.5 from a distance of billions of KILOMETRES. Aliens or spy satellites is not as important as what`s going on with the facts. if I were to make a guess or two based on the limited info and the medias twisting of it, I would say maybe we just got alien email. What does a burst sound like? or maybe there are levels of military we are not aware of and one side is messing with another or maybe it`s just a simple mundane freak event.

  8. Seaton said:
    “It’s 187.5
    87.5=FM of the first radio broadcast. ”

    That is very intriguing. But 87.5 was not the frequency of the first broadcast. It’s just the lowest possible frequency on the band. And if they were going to refer to our first broadcasts, why choose FM rather than AM? Not to mention, radio waves have not reached the distances from which these FRBs originate. ET couldn’t have received the signal yet.

  9. Bob, no, not galaxy.

    “…from THE distant universe.” not “…from A distant universe.” Meaning far away in our universe.

  10. wouldn’t it be a hoot if these were our own transmission bouncing back to us? maybe some day we will be treated to a rebroadcast of Orson wells setting up the war of the worlds?

  11. I just love how idiots like the author feel they are so much more qualified than all the scientists of the world, already determining the signal is not from “E.T.”.

    (ND: I’ve edited to remove insulting language and instead suggest the following:)

    Why have you decided that this signal is not from “E.T.”?

    The scientific community has determined that based upon what they know at this point, it very well could be from an E.T. civilization. You, however, have already determined that it is not. Correct me if I’m wrong, but science is about data. (ND: This is true. Science is also about interpreting data.) What data do you have that allows you to determine this is definitely not an E.T. signal? I’d love to hear it. (ND: I refer you to comments from Michael Kramer, who has additional data you might be interested in hearing about.) Pseudo science at its finest.

    (ND: Hi, Jack. I’ve gone ahead and edited your comment for civility. Ad hominem attacks/name calling of any sort/insults directed toward scientists, other commenters or me will not be tolerated. Please keep that in mind if you’d like to continue commenting here. You raise points that are on-topic and could be great for continued discussion, so I’m posting your comment, but with a strong warning.

    Some members of the scientific community have said it’s possible this pattern could be the result of an artificial signal; whether that signal is coming from deep space or from something humans have made is an open question. Other members of the scientific community are much more skeptical that this pattern is even real. Indeed, more data are needed to figure out what’s going on. So, I’ve pointed out how patterns pulled from a small number of data points can be misleading. And I’ve also noted that there are data in the pipeline that don’t fit the identified trend. In other words, it’s much too soon to draw a conclusion about what’s going on. However, a healthy dose of skepticism is probably called for because — as you note — science is about data. And the data we have do not yet support the conclusion that E.T. is at work here.)

  12. “Alas, it seems that any potential evidence for communicating extraterrestrial civilizations is slipping away almost as quickly as it emerged.”

    A bit premature, Nadia…

  13. Any engineer or machinist knows that 1875 (without the decimal point) is the decimal equivalent of 3/16. Two (2) times this is 375. Two times this is 75. Two times this is 1-1/2. Two times this is 3, our first integer. The following sequence of this pattern is 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, and finally 192. 192 is the exact number of laser beams used in the ICF device at the National Ignition Facility. Its more than coincidental that 192 beams are used, the number 192 naturally occurs in solutions to Calculus problems as well as 384, which is two (2) times 192. Obviously, something is being communicated here.

  14. ND: jacks tone is out of line. But a couple of points. There is no data in the pipeline showing a counter trend. There is a scientist claiming this. Until the data is released and vetted it is no different from the ephemeral findings all see in their data but never make it to publication. And the statement “but it’s not ET” is not skepticism. It is a truth claim.

    (ND: Hi, Corey — thanks for commenting! You make fair points, though the usual caveats about headlines apply. But, I’d argue that until this analysis is vetted/more complete, it is no different from ephemeral findings that may not stand up when more data are added. Even the study author admits the pattern may be an artifact. And even if the pattern is real, E.T. isn’t the only answer. So, we wait for more data. Until then, skepticism. Believe me, if there were convincing evidence for aliens, I’d thrilled!)

  15. Don’t think too much about the number 187.5, it’s not special nor universal, it’s not a natural number (hence it doesn’t make sense to check its primality) and it’s not dimensionless. It’s just a real number: 187.5 parsecs per cubic centimetre. No alien civilisation (if one exists) is using parsecs and centimetres as units of measure. The authors could have given the dispersion measure as 5.7856×10^24 units per square metre, or 5.375×10^23 units per square foot, or in any other arbitrary system of measures. The facts presented in the paper are intriguing, but not because of the number 187.5.

  16. you might laugh but maybe the year 1875?…if the number, as some suggests mean nothing, maybe something happened in 1875…just a suggestion. Naw, this can’t be right…

  17. Music, their main tonal center may be on that frequency. Music is a language, you can trasmit feelings through music. If the numbers are multiples or integers of 187.5, we can produce an infinite and sofisticated system of communication, specially if we use the logaritms, and transmit back to them a “text” written in form of music. A song written following the modes, represent or transmit feelings, the aeolian mode transmit sadness, the dorian mode transmit hapiness. Our chosen note is A 440 hz, theirs may be on that tone. A low tone by the way, write good things and use the same method to answer them. 😉

  18. The first 11 were 187.5
    The next 5 do not fit the pattern of the first 11.
    So the relevance of the pattern may be washed out when combined with the new ones? The next 5 are a new pattern, number, or message, and should be isolated to decipher separately. Get to work.

  19. It may also be the frequency which allows the acess to their vibrational key. Imagine a motor powered with nuclear energy generating greats amounts of eletromagnetic fields, making rings made of gold spin in differnt directions, like spins at a very high speed, than adjust the frequencies to integers or múltiplas of that number, and you may find something…alien love secrets hahaha 😉

  20. This just hit me. Just a really wild thought. What if the signal is not for us. What if it is for 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko?

  21. You people are pretty funny. Didn’t your teachers/professors/friends ever teach you that UNITS matter! Do you really think some advanced alien species that is capable of manipulating neutron stars/pulsars/enormous binary systems would really be using centimeters and parsecs? seriously? And if a hypothetical species COULD somehow know our preferred units of measurement for distant radio bursts, wouldn’t that mean they already are capable of communicating with us much more easily? It’s not like we sent out radio bursts describing our bizarre measurement systems, so a) how would they know them, and b) why not communicate with us through the method by which they learned these man-made units? The whole thing is utterly ridiculous, please people, use your brains. I’d say the odds of this being the result of a pulsar are a LOT better than “breaker, breaker 19, this is E.T., YEEHAW!”

  22. To be picky 87.5 megahertz is the lowest frequency in the FM broadcasting band plan used in Western Europe. The lowest North American FM broadcast frequency is currently 87.9 Mhz. Japanese stations operate between 76 and 90 Mhz, while the old Eastern European FM broadcast range was 65.8 to 74 Mhz. The handful of US pre-WW2 FM broadcast stations operated between 42 and 50 megahertz. And FM is used on all sorts of other frequencies for non-broadcast purposes. So, if the mystery radio bursts are artificial, the 187.5 mathematical pattern all but certainly has no connection with FM broadcasting. The fact they seem to come from several billion light years away makes any FM radio connection unlikely.

  23. Might it be calendar days to an event? The last FRB event happened 187.5 days prior to the fourth blood moon. Not only that CERN labs is doing all sorts of particle accelerator research looking for the god particle, looking to open portals to communicate with other dimensions….

  24. @Solecize Counting bases have nothing to do with prime numbers. You can convert any given number into any base you want; 200 will always be divisible by 10, 320 will always be divisible by 40, 29 will never be divisible by anything except 1 and itself, and so on. The written representation will just look a little different than it would in base 10.

    I also don’t believe I’ve ever seen a prime number that isn’t an integer, and I don’t believe I ever will.

  25. If it is true that these signals come from far away in our own galaxy, then a conservative estimate is tens of thousands of light years distance. If they were sent by ET, they took tens of thousands of years to get here. The chance that such a civilization still exists today is probably very small, and with the physics we know, the chance of interaction with them is almost zero.

  26. What if our golden rule 1,618 is only right for our galaxy and for others galaxies are different. For example 1,875. If we from our Galaxy would like to throw out one number to open space as message I’m sure it would be 1,618. What do you think about it?

  27. I agree 187.5 is not a prime number and no conclusive details match anything other than pure coincidence. I will agree that our signal bouncing off the end of our galaxy and returning back is far more plausable.

  28. 187.5 is the frequency for a brain computer connection.. perhaps this is exactly the message.. a machine attempting to connect with a brain .. to interface with a mind.. a human mind..

  29. Maybe it’s a signal from ourselves, but has still come from outside the galaxy?
    Maybe it us saying “Hey, we’ve done it, we are over hear!”
    I’ve been trying to think why, if it was us would be send that signal.
    So I’ve come to the conclusion its the Doomsday signal. 187.5 is 7.50 degrees after the universal date line making it 12:30am on the UTC clock.
    When the doomsday clock strikes midnight, nuclear war has begun, at 12:30am its the end of the world, as the bombs land.

  30. From my understanding of data analysis 25 pts of data seems to be the minimum number for a statistically significant trend to be concluded or calculation. That said, it would be interesting if the 5 additional data points begins another trend lasting 11 points. In the lab, it is common to make measurements and believe they are significant when it is only a bad wire or a lost ground that feeds off of other signals. Many reasons, that require a through review over time. For now it is simply interesting data. 1. it is a narrowly defined burst, 2. the bursts share a common trend. 3. It supports a hopeful desire and matches a growing trend of belief that we are no alone in the universe. I wonder why it is the mostly the Australian location and not a duplicate detection from other locations. What about the spaces in between for detection sites.

  31. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This evidence is just not convincing enough to prove E.T. It is however a very intriguing finding in need of an explanation. It is obvious that whatever this is not hiding from anyone as more events are detected. An answer will emerge, and I am sure it will be interesting. Everyone please just be patient. Good science is often a painfully slow process of data mining and sorting, almost akin to an archaeological excavation.

  32. Is there any directional information? If so, what is the distribution of the bursts in the sky? Are they randomly distributed or do they, for example, all lie near the galactic plane? This seems like pretty important information that no article contains (that I’ve seen).

  33. If the estimate of approx 187.5 holds up, or better if tends to 188.5 (let’s call it F), it might be significant that F/pi = 60.00. 60 would be an obvious multiplier … could be from (1)*(2)*3*4*5; or (Fibonacci) 1*3*5*8/2; or something else special about 60. If so then 187.5 is surely no coincidence. I’m sure others have noticed this but I haven’t seen it posted.

  34. When sending a message billions of miles, make it very simple. 187.5 is the # of times their home planet rotates (days) per orbit ( years). In other words: Look Here!

  35. Why should a decimal number have any significance at all, it’s as arbitrary as the fact that we have ten fingers
    (and if we truly used our digits to to learn arithmetic digitally using our fingers, then we should use base 11 not 10, where our forebears could have used semaphore type positions of the two hands to indicate the 2nd significant “digit” after reaching full count on 10 fingers).

    187.5 in binary being 101110111 / 10 -> if there were anything in these FRB’s go looking for meaning there instead.

    Or 187 being 160 in base eleven (if you want to appeal to cosmological anthropomorphic fine-tuning), but it might be a bit harder to explain away 187.5 being 160.4545(45)· (base 11) !

  36. But prime numbers and ratios, as well as simple integers, will exist independent of the number base. So pi, for example (a ratio), is also recognizable in any number system. Whatever the source — and it might well be terrestrial — it remains interesting that the ratio 187.5 (or rather, half that 93.8) is close to 30*pi. And 30 is the product of the first four primes, the first four Fibonacci numbers, etc, in any number system. If I was sending a message for universal comprehension, I might choose that.

  37. Is it usual to get so many other observatories to co-operate (in near real time) to help find a source for new signaling phenomena like this? Wouldn’t such co-operation have interrupted the current workload for those observatories?

  38. BTW – “first 3 primes” and “first 5 Fibonacci numbers”.

    And pi is a property of Euclidean Geometry, not of a number system.

    A more advanced civilisation than ours, for example the Cetacean Order, may not even need planar geometry – pi would be totally irrelevant to them.

  39. Not much of a mathematician but …187.5 has interesting multiples of 8 and 100.
    # R 3.2
    (as.matrix(187.5 * 1:100))[c(8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96)]
    [1] 1500 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 10500 12000 13500 15000 16500 18000

  40. Radio bursts have significant characteristics that indicate that they would be difficult to simulate within our solar system. The signals contain a degree of dispersion , that is stretching of frequency as a function of time , the dispersion would normally be continuous in proportion to the distance travelled however in this case radio bursts’ dispersion occurs in steps; there is no obvious mechanism to explain this. Coupled with the stepped dispersion and the amplitude of the signals imply that they could only be generated by a new mechanism associated with stellar processes.
    Potential stellar characteristics
    The results of Repeated late-stage fusion processes and the shells created can be seen in images of various stars. for example RAFGL 2688. http://hubblesite.org/gallery/wallpaper/pr2003009a/
    Radio energy created by such a star ,could be trapped if the shells were sufficiently ionized.
    and lead to the generation of radio pulses in a Maser like process, such pulses would be modulated in their passage through such shells and give rise to stepped dispersion.
    Note that long distance radio propagation though no longer so important still relies on ionized shells around the Earth and occasional very long delay times for such signals can only be explained by solar generated ionized shells some distance from the Earth.

  41. The ancient Babylonians/Sumerians used base 60 (hence our current time measurement). They also calculated PI at 3.125


    Just saying.

  42. Thanks Redeye — I noticed the ratio also, see my 18 May post. Any idea why the Babylonians/Sumerians used 60? (It IS a really useful number — divisible exactly by 10 integers (10 … hmm)). How long ago was that?

  43. I hope this is not ET for one reason and one reason only. If such an advanced civilization that can harness star power still operates on a linear basis in space then warping space-time cannot be done. That means we mere mortals will never achieve inter-galactic space travel by traveling through induced wormholes in the fabric of space. In other words we would be trapped like flies on a linear two dimensional spatial fly-paper forever, and prove that physics is indeed a cruel master of the universe.of

  44. I’m thinking you have an intelligent signal !!!!

    With the information in this article I’ve come up with the following :

    Consider that any attempting to send a signal to an unknown people,
    with unknown language and technology would send a signal which could
    not be misinterpreted as being from a process or incidental event.

    Ergo the signal would have to be based on common/basic scientific
    knowledge holding universally. Therefore the signal would need to be
    constructed from the universal constants.

    Here we have 187.5 – “137” = 50.5

    ALPHA = 1/”137.036″ “ALPHA” squared = 0.00005

    50.5 breaks down into 5 zeros followed by a 5 = 0.00005

    50.5/pi = 16.07464925 1.607464925 pi radians = 289.34368 degrees

    1.607464925 is close to 1.60217657 *10^-19, numerical wise, the electron charge
    in coulumbs which adds the 10^-19 part.

    there are other signal characteristics which weren’t published that the
    angular calculation may apply to such phase shift or some other factor.

    Bill C.

  45. I though I had posted this already !!!!

    what my post basically says is that when trying to communicate with unknown people with unknown technology you must avoid trying to use anything may be a derived value or one associated with units of measure or dimension.

    What makes this message so unique that it makes use of unitless values which are universally constant. Ergo we may 50 here and they will say XFT there but the meaning for both of us is the same.

    IN this case they picked a frequency spread ratio and related it to the
    primary/basic/fundamental constant called the “FINE LINE” value. It is a
    decimal value of 1/137.036 or 0.0073 and designated by the Greek Alpha character. The reciprocal is taken as 137 and the square is taken as 0.00005. These are unitless values.
    Take the 187.5 and subtract the fundamental constant of 137 and you arrive at 50.5, a unitless value. the key is readig in that 50.5 as meaning to take 5 zeros and follow them with another number 5 This gives us 0.00005 or Alpha squared. This is not a coincidence ! without more details about the signal we can only say :
    “This is a wake up call from a civilization simply saying “we exist and we are technologically capable and physic wise””

    THis is the signal SETI has been waiting for !!!!! THis, if it actually came from space as per the article is FIRST CONTACT !!!!!

    I’m thinking you have an intelligent signal !!!!

    With the information in this article I’ve come up with the following :

    Consider that any attempting to send a signal to an unknown people,
    with unknown language and technology would send a signal which could
    not be misinterpreted as being from a process or incidental event.

    Ergo the signal would have to be based on common/basic scientific
    knowledge holding universally. Therefore the signal would need to be
    constructed from the universal constants.

    Here we have 187.5 – “137” = 50.5

    ALPHA = 1/”137.036″ “ALPHA” squared = 0.00005

    50.5 breaks down into 5 zeros followed by a 5 = 0.00005

    50.5/pi = 16.07464925 1.607464925 pi radians = 289.34368 degrees

    1.607464925 is close to 1.60217657 *10^-19, numerical wise, the electron charge
    in coulumbs which adds the 10^-19 part.

    there are other signal characteristics which weren’t published that the
    angular calculation may apply to such phase shift or some other factor.

    Bill C.

    the older post I thought I had made

      1. There was a science fiction movie many years ago regarding a new high power hydrogen powered radio transmitter used to send signals to Mars in hopes of getting a response back. They decided to use PI as a signal sending several digits and expecting a reply to extend more decimal places.

        The current signal interpretation recognizes also the test of scientific level of technology in that the receiving party must have already developed the dimensionless fine line constant, recognized the mathematical proximity to the received pattern and operate on the combination of the 2. to achieve the first part and then notice the difference between the two yielded the square of the fine constant when expanded.

        IN the early days of television there was a mysterious event in which a television station’s transmitted signal was received days and weeks after the signal had been broadcast. Back tracking they started looking at how far into space the signal would have to go in ordered to be returned days or weeks later. There were other instances of returned radio signals traced to an orbit between the earth and moon. There were stories of alien craft in orbit at that location. The signal returns stopped after a few months.

        there is a difference between receiving a signal and receiving a signal requiring a level of scientific progress.

        There may be more to the signal than was published such as polarization shifts, etc. I’m sure not all the data regarding the signal was published.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        Bill C.

  46. It could be even simpler than that.

    Maybe 187.5 inverted decimal is 1.875 GHz.
    This is very close (as in <300 MHz) to the "water hole" so the significance of sending this message would be to tell all other civilizations which band to use for long distance messages.
    It would make sense for a Type IV (as in trans galactic) to tell the lower lifeforms which wavelength to transmit on if they want a meaningful answer.

    1. A possible explanation could lie with the signal mechanism. A radio frequency laser (maser) could be created as the result of an ionised sphere encompassing an active star. and trapping / reinforcing a (high Q) RF resonance. Single frequency RFenegy released when Q breaks down q collapse. Dispersion will occur when the RF passed through the ionised layer. Dispersion will be quantised and dependent depending on the star category.
      Whispering gallery mode

  47. Thanks Nadia Drake for your recent blog on the subject , most useful.
    Looks as if my explanation could at least be part right on May26 phenomena.
    Elsewhere I have proposed that as FRB wave front will also illuminate exo planets their dispersion could be reversed or demodulated to provide information what they pass on their way to and from Earth.

  48. Round 187.5 to nearest integer = 188, which is 161 in base 11, nearest to phi, (the golden ratio1.61 times 100). The real reason for dispersion delay (astronomers believe) that the material which the wave passes through makes for the dispersion.

  49. The MASER resonance I proposed here in December 2015 as the FRB origin will explain the mysterious mathematical relationship of the degrees of dispersion .
    The MASER origin and a radio frequency resonance within the ionised sphere created by Supernova by core collapse will have a degree of dispersion due to the sphere thickness which in turn which will in turn be due to the stage of Super Nova core collapse.

  50. Novice here… My degree in agriculture didn’t prepare me too well for this stuff! However, I believe that the majority of those finding any significance in the numbers 187.5 are making a fundamental error.

    ANY math using numbers with units in Hertz, or cycles-per-second, can be dismissed. The units of time we Earthlings use are absolutely baseless, since their very definitions are historical and flawed. The Day, defined reasonably as one cycle of day and night, was divided into 24 Hours. Each Hour was divided into 60 Minutes, and each Minute was further divided into 60 Seconds. Until very recently, there was no method nor reason to further divide the Second.

    But a day isn’t the time it takes the Earth to turn a full revolution, because in 24 hours, the Earth actually turns 1/365.250whatever MORE than 360 degrees (also an arbitrary unit, BTW) because of it’s orbital path being elliptical and the additional rotation required to return a given point on the Earth to a point where the center of the Sun is perpendicular to the tangent of the observer. So, the whole concept of a “day” and a “year”, upon which our entire system of measuring time is based, is unique not only to Earth, but also to Earth at this particular time. Eventually, just as the moon is tidally locked to the Earth, Earth will become tidally locked to the Sun, thus our unit of a Day must be gradually getting longer.

    Since frequencies are calculated as cycles (undoubtedly counted the same way on Vulcan, Q’onoS, and Tatooine) per second, our numerical representations of frequencies are unique to Earth. While the dispersion is a ratio of the frequencies (or something like that) and would be the same regardless of units, the math relating frequencies to meaningful phenomena is irrelevant.

    It was mentioned at least once that alien measurements wouldn’t use centimeters. Why not? Unlike inches, seconds, and degrees, the basis for the centimeter has a standard. That standard would be the same anywhere the amazing compound water exists, which seems to be most everywhere. One cubic centimeter = One milliliter = One gram of pure liquid water, which can be increased in temperature by 1/100 of the difference between its… freezing and boiling point…. at sea level….. at mean air pressure……. on Earth………………………..!!!!

    Ohhhhh. Now I see. That’s why I make these comments: To learn.

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