Paleo Profile: Pulanesaura eocollum

Name: Pulanesaura eocollum

Meaning: Pulanesaura is a combination of Sesotho and Latin meaning "rain-maker lizard", while eocollum means "dawn neck" in honor of the dinosaur's place as one of the earliest sauropods.

Age: Early Jurassic, around 191 to 183 million years ago.

Where in the world?: South Africa

What sort of critter?: One of the earliest sauropod dinosaurs.

Size: Estimated at about 26 feet long.

How much of the creature’s body is known?: Teeth ribs, vertebrae, part of the hips, and elements of the limbs from at least two individuals.

Claim to fame:

When 20th century paleontologists sifted through the fossil record for exceptional, finely-graded examples of evolutionary change, they didn't look to dinosaurs. The saurians had ...

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