Paleo Profile: The False Moose

Name: Bretzia pseudalces

Meaning: "Bretz's false moose", named for geologist J. Harlan Bretz and the moose-like shape of the deer's antlers.

Age: About 5 million years ago.

Where in the world?: Washington state.

What sort of critter?: A deer.

Size: About the size of a modern mule deer.

How much of the creature’s body is known?: This deer is primarily known from its antlers, but various other skeletal elements including jaws, teeth, limb bones, and vertebrae have been found.

Claim to fame:
When it comes to big mammals, North America isn't as impressive as it once was. Gone are the mastodons, giant sloths, American lions, and other massive megafauna that trod the continent until ...

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