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Instead of Waiting for E.T. to Phone, Let’s Call E.T.

Finding an intelligent alien civilization would easily rank among the most profound discoveries in human history.

So far, though, there are no signs of communicating extraterrestrial life, no messages from the stars suggesting that humans are not alone in the universe. Maybe, some scientists argue, it’s time for us to take a more active role in the interstellar conversation. Instead of simply eavesdropping on the cosmos as we’ve done for the past half-century, perhaps Earth should begin transmitting messages to the stars – big, blazing telegrams meant to prompt an extraterrestrial reply.

But actively sending signals into the cosmos is more than a slightly controversial idea. Recently, a statement posted online asserted that messaging extraterrestrial intelligence (METI) carries “unknown and potentially enormous implications and consequences.” Signed by a number of well-known scientists – and people such as Elon Musk – the missive asks that a vigorous international debate take place before any new messages are sent.

That debate erupted at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting, where several contentious exchanges broke out as scientists gathered to discuss the pros and cons of interstellar messaging.

“We should launch active SETI as an ongoing complement to our traditional passive SETI projects,” said Doug Vakoch, director of interstellar message composition at the SETI Institute. “It’s a matter of diversifying our search strategies.”

But undertaking a targeted interstellar messaging campaign without considering the potential consequences is foolish, argued astrophysicist and science fiction author David Brin. The seeming lone voice of dissent among the convened panelists, Brin noted that attracting the attention of an unknown advanced civilization could bring potentially disastrous results. And, he said, it’s impossible to predict whether aliens are going to play nice or be real jerks.

“This is the only really important scientific field without any subject matter,” Brin said. “It’s an area in which opinion rules, and everyone has a very fierce opinion.”

Right now, there are no official messages waiting in Earth’s interstellar outbox. But Vakoch and others are floating the suggestion of using the Arecibo Observatory’s mega-powerful transmitter to send a series of messages in the down time between the observatory’s other studies. It wouldn’t cost much at all, and it would join the ongoing campaigns to listen for alien transmissions. While the question of what to include in those messages is obviously important, it’s taking a backseat to the issue of whether those messages should be sent at all.

“Active SETI, I gotta admit, is a controversial topic,” Vakoch remarked.

Despite the ongoing controversy, it wouldn’t be the first time interstellar messages have been beamed into space. A handful of transmissions have already left Earth’s shores and set sail across the cosmos. Perhaps the best known of these messages was sent from Arecibo in 1974, as part of a ceremony marking the completion of an upgrade to the giant radio telescope. Composed by astronomer Frank Drake, the message has been hurtling through space at the speed of light, destined to intersect in 25,000 years with a globular star cluster in the constellation Hercules.

And then there’s all the stuff that’s wafting into space without any such effort from Earthlings. These murmurs from Earth include the high frequency chirping of military radars, TV and radio transmissions, and the interplanetary radar used to study numerous asteroids in the solar system. Recently, technologies like cell phones and cable TV have turned Earth into a slightly quieter pale blue dot, but for many decades, our intra-planetary communications were easily leaking into space.

True, those signals are much harder to detect than a blast of directed radio waves from Arecibo, but SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak argued that any civilization advanced enough to show up and annihilate the planet is also advanced enough to detect those murmurs. In fact, he notes, our technology isn’t too far from being able to do the same. “We are within one or two centuries of being able to find the equivalent of ourselves,” he said.

In other words, it’s too late to shut up and hide.

But Brin isn’t buying it. And he bristles at the suggestion that he and his colleagues are simply worried about “slathering Cardassian invaders.” Instead, he implores, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a conversation about the potential ramifications of METI before we begin shouting into the void?

It does seem like a conversation is beginning to take place.

At the meeting, several panelists attempted to cut through the supposition and opinion by drawing analogies between METI and other controversies. Astrobiologist David Grinspoon noted the obvious link between METI and NASA’s Planetary Protection Office, created to prevent biological contaminants from being passed between Earth and other solar system bodies. “That’s a discussion that’s been had internationally, and I think that’s quite relevant here,” Grinspoon said. He also noted that fears of extraterrestrial intelligences with nefarious intent are not dissimilar to concerns about the motivations of artificial intelligence.

“That certainly presents an existential threat. It may be tiny — people have different opinions on it – but how are we dealing with that?” Grinspoon asked, noting that no one has shut down artificial intelligence research.

Later, federal judge David Tatel offered the rather salient observation that this debate is not unlike the controversy swirling around dual-use research on harmful pathogens, where learning more about nasty viruses could be used to engineer an especially potent bioweapon. And noted similarities with the current debate over geoengineering and how to combat climate change.

“Both of these have similarities with active SETI,” he said. “Both could produce great benefits or have catastrophic consequences.”

53 thoughts on “Instead of Waiting for E.T. to Phone, Let’s Call E.T.

  1. Why would e.t be hostile when stars fuse new elements every second. There gonna be so advance that they could harvest the elements from a sun possibly create new metels and H2O is one the most common things in the universe. Why would they need to attack us

    1. ‘Why would e.t be hostile….?’ Although they’re generally sociable, amiable beasts, my cats think killing is fun. And for serious killing, consider how we get our food, especially meat. Then there are all the gratuitous wars, genocides, pogroms, persecutions. If we run into any extraterrestrials we’d better hope they’re not like us, and don’t perceive what we’re like too accurately, either.

  2. Our history of discovering others, whether human or non, isn’t exactly prideful so we probably should be wary of superior or even equal contact.

  3. so aliens abduct folk probe them and yet nasa and the idiotic u.s wants to reach out.. typical Americans. I guess the people of earth don’t have a say about it. ok well done America. you alone will be responsible for the invasion and destruction of earth.. typical from the yanks.

  4. But exactly what kind of chance do we have here? Our little broadcast sphere is fine and good, but do we have any data as to just how much ‘ground’ we can cover? (That is what percentage of possible targets we can actually broadcast to.)

    I know that our study of the sky is woefully, woefully incomplete; we can take a good look at a single small ‘blank’ patch and discover superclusters, so how much of the sky can we cover with broadcasts?

  5. One possibility is that we won’t make the first contact with any alien species themselves but with an AI created by them, perhaps millions or billions years ago. It’s difficult to say how such an entity (or entities) would develop during the voyages through space and time.

  6. Just read Arthur C. Clarke’s Rescue Party, http://www.baenebooks.com/chapters/0743498747/0743498747___1.htm
    E.T. may be the one in trouble:

    “Alveron glanced at the Milky Way, lying like a veil of silver mist across the vision screen. He waved toward it with a sweep of a tentacle that embraced the whole circle of the galaxy, from the Central Planets to the lonely suns of the Rim.
    “You know,” he said to Rugon, “I feel rather afraid of these people. Suppose they don’t like our little Federation?” He waved once more toward the star-clouds that lay massed across the screen, glowing with the light of their countless suns.
    “Something tells me they’ll be very determined people,” he added. “We had better be polite to them. After all, we only outnumber them about a thousand million to one.”
    Rugon laughed at his captain’s little joke.
    Twenty years afterward, the remark didn’t seem funny.”

  7. or….or we could just transmit the messages from Mars and if not Mars then maybe Phobos and Deimos. it wouldn’t be directly endangering Earth and it would be close enough for us to have a way of receiving any possible responses

  8. What if they are our maker?
    Our DNA has been tampered with.
    It talks about it in the Bible several times.
    We are to made in their image.
    What if humans were not from planet earth originally.
    To many things add up!
    It is actually a exciting theory to no we are more than just flesh!
    Thank u Jesus!

  9. Have you thought that maybe they don’t understand what were on about,maybe if you used chemistry as a communication,they might then.just because we evolved this way doesn’tmean other life have.and they wouldn’t have a clue what our maths symbols are.all life has to evolve limbs and intelligence,but we need to stop communicating and expecting them to understand us with our language.

  10. An educated decision requires more significant data. I agree with Brin. This matter it is not to be treaded lightly. Many people assume that e.t. would deal in the same coordinates with our way of reasoning. Well, this is just an assumption. Faith, beliefs, expectations. ..all this must be eliminated in such matters. Gather data, analyse, think and then act. Humanity is not developed enough. We still have plenty of issues to be dealt with here on Earth. To be blunt: if I have arguments and fights in my home I don’t call for guests. David Brin is right.

  11. I think it was 1981, ET communicated with me and couple of my friends. its a very hard to believe incident, but it did happen when one night, I was about 12 years old, one night three friends and me were looking up in the sky and we saw a star that was moving randomly in the sky. Att first we thought it was a sattelite, however this star was not moving in a straight line and it stopped some times. one of us simply said ” what if it stopped?” and lo behold the light stopped. Then someone said, ” what if it went to that star?” pointing to three stars that were in line, and lo and behold, it went to that star and and seemed to circle the first of the three stars in line, then we asked it to move to the second star, which it did and did so for about 15 minutes to all the stars we were pointing to. I know it sounds crazy, but this is exactly what happened that night. It had to be something with intelligence that seemed to communicate with us. It made us see or believe something very strange. Never had another experience like that ever again. Maybe this is how et communicates 🙂

  12. They may see us as cockroaches. Everyone loves cockroaches…. right? Oh wait – that’s right we love exterminating them… According to earth’s primitive science – we are the baby of the solar system – it should be safe to assume we don’t stand a chance up there unless we find some that like their asses kissed, we’d be good at sucking up to them – until we were ready to STRIKE and take em out and take over their planet and their resources – invading cockroaches.

  13. No ET will come to earth. They should have arrived here on earth long time ago if there were any ET’s with advanced civilization in the whole universe. Our earth is unique. The exact combination of all chemical elements here on earth to sustain life is nearly impossible to be duplicated in the vast expanse of this infinite universe even in the the dark universe. It’s like counting numbers from 1 to infinity and earth is one of those numbers. Every one of those numbers is unique and so is earth. And granting that there is an advanced civilization somewhere say a hundred light years away from earth.. It would take 200 years before we knew their existence. Similarly it will another hundred years for the ET to arrive here on earth “assuming” that they are really so advanced that they can travel in space at the speed of light and that is without even considering all the space obstacles that they will encounter.

  14. We should solve our own terestrial problems first. While we have wars amongst us there is no point in further complications, and let’s be realistic, our technology is not advanced. We can not travel in space efficiently, we can not protect ourselfs from anything. We are trapped here on earth, rotating in our own poop, and just because we are able to create noise in space, that means we should? No. We should not. I would set my priorities right. First let’s advance in quantum-physics, let’s understand our universe properly, start a new era of technology advancements, and then we should start the search of intelligent life. And do that silently. We should analize them first, then discuss the possibility of contact.

  15. Both defenders scientists Earth “shout” to the universe idea, as his opponents, want the same thing: If exempt from any liability in case something goes wrong. So are asking the consent of mankind.

  16. What an interesting debate.
    Personally, with our species’ history and concept of development, I’d be seriously concerned for the long term prospects of any civilisation bold enough to answer our call.

  17. Perhaps we should learn to live together on our own planet before trying to contact others in the vast reaches of the universe!

  18. Life on other planets is going to be a result of evolution just like it was here on Earth. And if brains are as metabolically expensive there as here, there’s no reason to suspect that evolution would create an organism much more intelligent than us – they’d just need way to much food to survive. So, unless aliens have undertaken significant genetic engineering (I’m guessing whatever hereditary molecules they have would still be called genes, even if they’re not DNA), or have created artificial intelligence, they’ll have all the vestiges of their own evolutionary history, which will probably include things like territoriality in fights over resources. i.e. They’ll probably be just as capable as people are of brutality and cruelty along with all of our better accomplishments. I’d be very wary of intentionally advertising our location until we could be a little bit more certain about who would be receiving the message.

    On the other hand, the Earth’s been around over 4 billion years and has only had an advanced technological species for a few hundred years. And all indications so far are that interstellar travel would be very, very difficult and expensive (and slow). Maybe there really isn’t much to worry about. There might not even be any civilizations within ‘earshot’, and there might not be any way to physically contact them even if we did manage to make contact by radio.

  19. Let’s NOT phone E.T.!!!
    Doesn’t our world have enough problems without potentially inviting a “hostile ” civilization into our “bubble” that could bring us ALL completely down to our
    knees??? Yes, this would be a scientific discovery to beat all…BUT considering the possible consequences could be the ultimate apocalypse!

  20. What if in a hundred years or more from now humans discover that they are the most advanced species within 100,000 light years (within our own milky way) and if there was other intelligent life within our reach, would we go out there and concur them, wipe then out for our benefit or just for fun?

  21. Univers is so big that’s why the possibility of many ET civilisation are found in future or thy found us but only better future of a all mankind. ………………

  22. We are alone in this world,but we will spread out,to conquer new land(planet). As the history of the earth taught us. Yes,there are plenty of earth like planets in this universe. As one person is alien to another here on earth, in outer space we will fight with one another to lay our claim on new found land (planet),is we will be alien to one another.

  23. Somewhere out there, probably there is another debate whether or not to send messages to ET ah sorry I meant us. 🙂 with who knows what alien lifeforms posing same questions as us.

  24. It will not belong before a single wealthy individual, sufficiently motivated, can accomplish a METI project on his own (along with the people he or she hires, of course). An Elon Musk type, only instead of being cautious about METI like the real Elon Musk, this guy is enthusiastic about it.

    Depending on just how motivated such a person might be, in a free society it is not going to be that easy to stop him, or her.

    So now really is a good time to have this debate.

  25. If we aimed the message at a star system sufficiently far away, then we could be relatively assured of safety for centuries. Of course that means we also won’t get a result from our experiment for centuries either.

    Assuming lightspeed cannot be technologically superceded, of course.

  26. When it comes to hostile advanced aliens:

    1) If it came to it, we can expect to fare as well as that anthill in your backyard that you decide to exterminate one day.

    2) If the aliens are sufficiently advanced and powerful, we may well be in more danger from the actions of individuals rather than concerted policies of their government(s), to whom we’d likely be beneath notice. It would be their version of the sadistic kid with the magnifying glass and we’d be the fly.

    3) We are probably more at risk from inadvertent hostilities rather than direct ones. There really isn’t much we have here on earth that could truly be said to be likely to motivate any aliens to deliberate going to the trouble of coming here with conquest in mind. But if our little star system or planet just happened to be in the way of one of their big projects, they might well, figuratively, “plow us under” without even realizing or bothering to check, that we’re here.

  27. We should definitely be careful what kind of greeting we as a race put out there ! Never know if the wrong kind of Extraterrestrial life may hear our message !? Also, what we know as being friendly maybe a Extraterrestrial race would not view it as such ?

  28. Vivo em Araxá,MG e desde a infância percebo o quanto somos induzidos a perceber os aliens como coisas fora do padrão natural. Somos apenas parte de um todo intergalático que se manifesta a toda hora.As comunicações extraterrenas são intensas e as consciências trafegam a velocidade da luz em corpos biológicos inimagináveis.Sem contar os corpos etéreos que perpassam os multiversos. E ainda os híbridos como eu que tem plena consciência de não ser desse orbi. Vivo intensamente esse tempo. Aos 15 anos de idade eu vi uma sonda luminosa ou algum tipo de inteligência artificial que parecia coletar informações em minha mente captando e transmitindo, como se fosse uma antena telepática.Até hoje não sei o que era aquilo.Más através de alguma frequência pude me transportar intelectualmente “espiritualmente” á várias galáxias onde havia vida humanoide como a nossa.O que eu vi foi tão maravilhoso como estarrecedor. Tecnologias ainda se quer imaginadas por nós, conflitos e guerras sangrentas, esterilização de sistemas planetários, experiências biológicas bizarras e seres angelicais indiferentes a todo o resto que os rodeiam.
    O cérebro humano é a mais perfeita inteligência tecnológica criada e desenvolvida por consciências etéreas para manifestar o desejo de colocar ordem no caos. Essa simbiose entre o sutil dos elementais e a matéria orgânica é o que temos como Divino. O planeta terra é por si só o ser vivo mais complexo e desenvolvido da galáxia.As consciências mais elevadas dessa constelação se manifestam aqui.
    Como tudo na natureza temos predadores e inimigos naturais que se nos alcançarem primeiro seremos dizimados.
    Más oferecemos mais riscos a natureza planetária do que corremos risco.
    A formas mais inteligentes e eficientes de transportar matéria orgânica no universo.
    Basta enviar o código genético a um determinado ponto do universo e deixar que a própria natureza local aproveite a matéria e os elementos disponíveis.

  29. Creatures that don’t require food; but run on; nuclear power; are unlikely to want to come 500 light years to eat our alien proteins. Creatures that roam freely through the light years; are unlikely to need our land or space. Creatures that posess magic technologies; and are light years away will not perceive us as a threat.

  30. Let’s face it there is a distinct possibility that we have already had “visitors” who are obviously intellectually superior, they have the ability to actually traverse the universe and arrive here to our wonderful earth, the authorities strongly deny it because of the obvious “hysteria factor,” which is understandable. I think the real question is do we really want to communicate with them, admittedly there are consequences of contact, for both sides, if they did it would be handed over to the military and only takes one scared person to open fire and there would be real trouble, so why not send them SETI’s address whereby there will be a controlled meeting, of experts and scientists, rather than alleged encounters with ordinary people as is often reported but always played down. I think the real truth is they know we are here, they probably don’t think we are ready for any kind of meeting or dialogue, perhaps they just don’t trust us enough.

  31. If we do manage to contact other inhabitants of the universe, perhaps they may be able to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of the universe and its secrets. But the question is how will they be treated if they do visit us, and do they want to communicate with us, why haven’t they already? Or have they already left their calling card, its just that we haven’t recognised it .

  32. Lets think about this in a different way.

    Assumption #1: There will be at least one intelligent enough E.T. out there that is capable of decoding our signal.

    Assumption #2: Such E.T. will eventually receive our signal.

    Assumption #3: Such E.T. is capable of travelling to Earth if they decide to.

    Now it will take our signal 10th of thousands of years to rich them. Now they know that we exist.

    Travelling to Earth will require a significant amount of resources and will involve risk, so the E.T. now should decide the pros and cons of sending an spaceship to Earth.

    If it is for pure scientific reason, they will most likely send us a return signal which will reach to us in 2 x 10th of thousands of years since the time that we have sent them the signal.

    But would they send that signal? Would they reveal their location to an unknown E.T.?

    Else, They might be also in search of habitable planets, so now it will potentially worth if for them to colonize Earth and we know what does that mean. Now if they send their space ships to us, best is if they can travel as fast as light or use worm holes to travel to us, so no one will be here in next 20-50K years unless they are already on their way.

    In 20-50K years, we are either significantly more advanced or Earth is already hosting a different type of life.

    So bottom line is that I do not think that this really matters and our scientists know this too. It is just another tool for some, to get some publicity and potentially a budget to spend.

    Instead, we better keep searching on habitable planets and a way to reach them, otherwise we wont be here when the next comet hits the Earth.

  33. I feel it would be a mistake to assume that any alien culture would necessarily be benevolent. Caution should be the watchword.

  34. I agree with another reader above. If, and this is the biggest if one could make, we actually get a response from another intelligent species in the cosmos, and they have the ability to actually TRAVEL the immense distance between us in a short time, then the last thing this species would want to do is destroy us. It would be like Albert Einstein traveling to the other side of the globe to needlessly and irrationally step on an ant. The only thing they would do is research, record, and study. And no, they would be far too advanced to be using modern-day medical tools. I’m sure they’d have a harmless scanner to scan everything from above and give them all the data they need.

  35. If we do end up contacting life on another planet they may not be as advanced as us. Lots of people believe that other life would be more advanced but, if you think about it, there is a good chance that they are not. Therefore, how would said life be able to read the message or even have the technology to receive this message.

    We also have to think about the time it takes to send this message. I mean, it could be thousands of years before we get something back. And what if humans are no longer on Earth. What if we moved to mars or if humans some how went extinct? No one would be here to receive it and we would have done all of that hard work for nothing.

    If E.T.s have really wanted to messgae us, why haven’t we gotten anything from them? I think that it is pointless to worry about other life because it is most likely out there anyway. We should instead worry about the problems that we have on Earth.

  36. I think this explains why we haven’t heard any broadcasts. They are just as scared of unknown us as we are of unknown them. Send friendly messages to someone who might behave like Godzilla? You must be joking.

  37. ET has evolved just like we have. They are very likely far superior to us in terms of technology since logic dictates they would have split the atom etc. a long time ago.

    There could be some kind advanced, manevolent species out there, so that’s why we put a sock in it until we scout out the area.

  38. I think we need to expand our definition of life. We assume something has to be organic to be considered life. I have often thought that advanced life would be organized information that can think and feel and not necessarily be constrained by an organic body. It can move and can act intentionally without us even seeing it. This is just my imagination running wild….:-) I guess I need to go find my tin-foil hat….HA,ha

  39. One thing we can be fairly certain about any alien civilization:

    No matter how benevolent, they will not prioritize our survival over their own.

  40. If we keep sending messages into space we better be read for what could happen. e.g. Have a military that is specifically designed for fighting out in space in huge space ships to combat any way less then friendly exterterrestials.

  41. There is no way to estimate anything. Our technological developement rapidly increased in the last 150 years. It has been 50 years since we made it to the moon. It will at least be about a few thousand years untill any extraterestrial species can hear those messages.
    And we allready fear we will destroy ourselves.

    But in the end sending those messages is like writing down you adress on the Internet with an invitation to talk. You don’t know who will be knocking at your door.

  42. I speak Spanish.Sorry for the “mechanical” translation.
    The truth is that there was one can be expected,… both good and bad.I understand.Human and other organic beings that we know are made in our composition for carbon chains, amino acids,…But who says that light of us which are millions of years are not manufactured under other components and chemical elements and perhaps those forms of life that we give by echo have to be organic,… were “something very different to us” that could have another virtue that wasn’t “intelligence”
    that maybe there were that be more forward or backward to ours but that was very different and that another form of intelligence or appreciate the things surrounding them was different (for our good or evil),.. .and who might think considering that killing off something very normal in their world.Bad or good, this differentiation did not exist in the same way that we consider them…Or further still,… and who says that when we want to communicate with them,… These are a kind of phase
    The sueño(aunque estuvieran despiertos y fuera rarísimos pero reales.) REM…….Something like “AUTISTIC” people in our world?.Without forgetting that AUTISTIC phase could be as loud as we want it we imagine… in the end, perhaps on this last as it is obvious think “we would end up arranging us to communicate with them”… as we learn language to communicate with us humans.
    The truth is that if we stop to think a bit and consider the hundreds of thousands of trillions of trillions of different elements that can have in this almost infinite universe… the same amount of chances may be that those beings… .puedan be… whatever… .and.. .pensar and have a way of seeing things… trillions of times “whatever”.
    A cordial greeting to all.

  43. -Our civilization is harmfull, for any life that we have known till now, including ourselves. I really would cry for happiness if we knew extrarerrastral civilization, the question is if its really worth it, is it smart to take the risk?… I understand both sides of the discussion, but humans are curious and it is our nature to seek beyond the known… So why not? Let´s make humanity more social, maybe we even make friends.

  44. Nobody has to worry about aliens invading.

    Nearly all habitable exoplanets discovered are larger than Earth. Of those that are likely rocky planets, the gravity would be sufficiently high that any civilization on one of them would not have progressed to leaving their atmosphere until (in my opinion) their version of our 2050 or 2100. By then, I suspect we will have reached a mostly peaceful stage of civilization. I assume any civilization as aforementioned would already be peaceful by the time it could go into orbit or to other objects in its system. Of course, we could be outliers in this situation, seeing as we have not found any other civilizations yet and therefore have the mother of all sampling bias, but it’s what we’ve got to work with. This is a rule; the higher the gravity, the longer it’ll take a civilization to develop a way off-planet. Societal structure isn’t party to this. Also, habitable moons of exoplanets are an exception, as moons usually have much lower gravity than planets, and if the moon has an atmosphere, then there you go. We likely will not see visitors from Europa-like planets or moons, because nobody will explore space from there. They would not know space exists, all they would know instead is the Ice Roof of the World. Eventually someone would go up there and die. Then someone else would send a probe up through the ice. It would likely die. If it didn’t, it would record disgustingly low temperature and pressure, thus warding off anyone from coming up again. They wouldn’t know of any propulsion systems to use in space, because it is likely they would normally use buoyancy instead of jet-propulsion to move naturally and base movement tech off that. Possibly, but unlikely, they would see a moon of theirs, or another similar planet, and wonder if it is another Earth or Zog or whatever they call their home world. They wouldn’t have a way of getting to it. They could communicate with radio, but in the end, unless a third civilization told them how to leave their planet, it wasn’t worth exploring if it got colder and more dangerous the further you went from the centre of the world.


  45. I can’t help but laugh whenever someone calls our species “advanced”. We’re not.

    We still let our emotions, opinions and greed rule in the face of pure logic and we’ve been stifling our own advancement for millenia because of it. Even though it’s been proven a thousand times over that the creation stories of nearly every human civilization on Earth are wrong, people still hold on to their silly religions and refuse to acknowledge fact when it’s staring them right in the eye while taking a massive, steaming dump on their holy texts.

    People have been and are still advocating that whatever deity they praise is better than their neighbor’s and that science is “the work of evil”.

    The advancement of the human species could have easily been way farther along by now if it hadn’t been for greedy powergrabbers using religion to subdue the masses. We know for a fact that the Egyptians over 4,000 years ago and the Greeks over 2,000 years ago had knowledge of advanced mathematics that could long ago have evolved to where our knowledge is now if it hadn’t been for religion getting in the way. The Greeks KNEW the Earth was round and orbited the sun 2,000 years ago, but the Roman Catholic Church supressed that knowledge for 1,500 years and persecuted anyone who tried to make it publicly known. Today, rabid Islamists are trying to do the same and if the Christian creationsists had their way, schools would once again be teaching that the Earth is flat and everything revolves around us.

    Advanced? Us? Please! We can’t even convince our own species of what’s right in front of everyone’s eyes! To a civilization advanced enough to traverse intergalactic space, we’re about as interesting as mold on a tomato, so this talk about “if they’re out there, they should have made contact already,” is complete nonsense! If you found a mouldy tomato on the ground, would you try to make contact with the microbes living on it, or would you just go about your business?

    Let’s see if we can’t advance ourselves to the point that we either know if there is a creator or not, or at least just agree that if there is one, the stories we know are wrong and we don’t have enough data on him/her/it to even have anything to argue about to begin with. Let’s ensure that the entire human species works off of knowledge rather than belief and then we can start talking about how we leave this planet in search of others to inhabit and civilizations like our own.

    1. In my opinion, religion for some people is to help them hope for a better life, but what it also says is that you can not think outside of the box because that’s blasphamy and you arre to be prosucted by the church for thinking for yourselves and thinking about possibilties. To the christians, you are a satinist if you think of new ideas because it is not the gods plan. While the Aztecs have shown that in their glyphs and paintings that survive to this day show that they have made contact with other-worldly beings and that they have helped the Aztecs thrive in their harsh environments. They clearly showed in their art a depiction of a humaniod person with a sort of oxygen-like mask and them ecompassed around a machine like probe that they flew. Futhermore, they have made cities where they show buildings and monuments that show the solar system in a line and and collecting of settelments over hundreds of kilometers that make up the constellation Orion. Please don’t tell me that these civilizations weren’t contacted and met exteraterrestials that came to earth, thousands of years ago.

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