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Meeting David Attenborough

Six years ago, I spent an hour at David Attenborough’s house, talking to him about wildlife, film-making and his career.

Three weeks ago, I spent 20 minutes in a London bar, telling people about the experience at an incarnation of Story Collider–the wonderful event where people tell personal stories about science. Mine was about what Attenborough has meant in my life, and what it was like meeting him… but it’s also a little meditation on our need to anoint science heroes,  and why I think we might be better off without that. Have a listen. And do check out the rest of the StoryCollider archives. They do such great work.

[Thanks to Brian Wecht and Ben Lillie for inviting me to do this.]


2 thoughts on “Meeting David Attenborough

  1. Thank you for sharing this story! I see your point about how science heroes do damage when they fail us, in fact, it reminded me of my recent disappointment that Bill Nye doesn’t take a more scientific approach to GMOs. However, I’m not sure that humans can resist the urge toward creating heroes. For all his flaws, I’m still jealous that you got to meet David Attenborough.

  2. Loved that you posted this! I am finding that my new heroes are people like you. Those that have a delight for science, know that it is for everyone, and keep a steady eye on truth, even if it means disagreeing with a hero. Thank you!
    I will share your post with my students this week!

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