Beating Evolution: My New “Matter” Column in the New York Times on Fighting Cancer

A number of the newest cancer drugs can give a few months of extra life to people in advanced stages of the disease. The drugs attack the cancer cells with pinpoint accuracy and wipe out the tumors. And then, months later, the tumors come right back. In my “Matter” column today, I take a look at the work of cancer biologists and evolutionary biologists to understand how this rebound happens, and how doctors might stop it. Check it out.

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  1. Kathy K.
    June 27, 2013

    Thanks for this fascinating article. Dr. Vogelstein’s mathematical model clearly shows why defeating cancer is so difficult. It really can be an overwhelming numbers game with regards to the number of cells and the rate of mutations.
    Dr. Pal’s and Dr. Sun’s insights are also important.
    The approach of two different drugs simultaneously seems promising. We can be hopeful.

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