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A Storify of the H5N1 conference – Kawaoka speaks, Fouchier doesn’t

Yesterday, I attended a conference at the Royal Society to discuss the controversial studies on mutant H5N1 flu viruses that can spread between mammals. It was the first time that the two scientists behind the papers – Yoshi Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier – have appeared in public together since the controversy broke, and Kawaoka spoke openly about his results.

I live-tweeted much of the event, and here’s a Storify of my coverage.

6 thoughts on “A Storify of the H5N1 conference – Kawaoka speaks, Fouchier doesn’t

  1. Who said “bioterrorism is not the main cause of bioterror” and in what context? In other words, what, then, is the cause of bioterror according to the person who said it? Thanks for your tweets.

  2. Is there a way to keep this from continually expanding as I try and scroll down to older articles? It seemed like the Twitter feed thought it was Gandalf: “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

  3. @Rebecca – It was Inglesby, I think, implying that the the viruses will naturally evolve to be more destructive than what we can artifiically induce.

    @Jim – I don’t understand. The Storify should be there on the page.

  4. Ed, the “storify” thing (some horrible mess of Javasacript) completely messes up BASIC SCROLLING through NEWS, at least for me in the browser I happen to be using (Safari 5.1.2)

    I’m sure there’s some utterly kewl web 2.0 sekrit dynamic awesomeness going on — as opposed to a list of a long sequence of low-info tweet-length paragraphs, which is what I get by scanning it — , but it I can’t page through blog your main blog page and READ TEXT without some buggy embedded program seizing control of my scroll bars well, it rather defeats the purpose.

    You write well: don’t let stupid web technology prevent the words from being read.

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