Download the Universe: Deborah Blum reviews "The Elements"

It only makes sense that an accomplished writer on chemistry takes a look at a hugely successful ebook on chemistry. Here’s Deborah Blum’s review of Theodore Gray’s “The Elements.”

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  1. Guess I should put together my own presentation of findings from the past couple of years, showing that the periodic system, at least in its quantum numerical aspects, derives entirely from Pascal Triangle relations. This includes modeling the system as a tetrahedron of close-packed spheres, one per element, with further patterning for odd and even periods, many more straight-line connections than a 2D rendering can show that are well known to chemists, and more, such as Fibonacci and Lucas numbers whose patterning is nonrandom and nonarbitrary when taken as atomic numbers. Even the nuclear system, though having a different ordering of features, still uses the Pascal math- the (semi)magic numbers are combinations of doubled Pascal tetrahedral and triangular numbers. Relativity, the strong force and other factors muck up the pure number-theoretical relations. Still one wants some way to explain why the Pascal system is involved at all.

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