Science writing workshop for graduate students: Registration is open

In January, I’ll be conducting the 2012 edition of my science writing workshop for graduate students. The workshop is hosted by the Yale Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. It’s a short introduction to the craft of bringing science to the world, tailored for science graduate students. People who attend are typically  interested in making science writing part of their work as scientists, or are even thinking about making it their career. Students from other institutions can contact the EEB department to get permission to register.

The syllabus and information about registering are on the workshop web site.

4 thoughts on “Science writing workshop for graduate students: Registration is open

  1. Have you considered having a webinar? Not for this year, of course, but maybe for future seminars. I would love to attend, but I won’t be able to travel for that for several reasons. I think what you do is so important, and I’d love any suggestions that you have for my own writing skills!

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