Two Happily Infected Hosts!

Steven Barritz (left) and Travis Bautista pose with their brand new copies of the revised edition of Parasite Rex with a new epilogue. I’ll be sending them an autographed book plate. If you’d like one, here are the steps:

1. Buy a copy.

2. Email me a picture of yourself with the book (it’s marked “with a new epilogue”).

3. I’ll reply to your email and we’ll make arrangements to send you an autographed book plate. (You’ll need to cover the cost of the postage and plate, which should be about a buck.)

2 thoughts on “Two Happily Infected Hosts!

  1. Awesome. I loved _Parasite Rex_. I’m going out tonight to see if I can find the updated version. I used to have a phobia regarding parasites and this book helped me go from fear to fascination.

  2. Dang… I have the version sans “New Epilogue”… does this mean I can pose for the photo at the bookstore, rather than buying the new book?

    (Guess I shouldn’ta told you that…)

    I just want the autograph!

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