Infecting Minds: My Lecture at the American Society for Microbiology

I gave a talk at the President’s Forum at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in May about how I go about telling stories about science. The folks at ASM have done some slick video editing and posted the lecture at their site, where you can also download it in various formats. Or just watch it in the embedded player below. In my lecture, I talk about getting out of bunkers and jumping chasms, as well as the trouble parasites can get you into on a blind date.

MWV39 – Carl Zimmer: Newspapers, Blogs, and Other Vectors: Infecting Minds with Science in the Age of New Media from microbeworld on Vimeo.

0 thoughts on “Infecting Minds: My Lecture at the American Society for Microbiology

  1. Awesome speech. Great way to deal with the so called conservatives, or the don’t play god types. Thank you for the inspiration on a constructive way to deal with such. Sorry but I live in Texas out in the stick’s so to say, and I hear some of the worst stuff at times. It normally makes me want to wall myself of, or put barriers up. This video give’s me a better out look for dealing with such situations. Though I’m not a biologist, I picked up a tiny bit along the way while learning other stuff. I love the slight snarky, but not totally aggressive way to approach such people, as I see many and even have to dumb down some of the science normally relating to movie/T.V. and dislike doing so. I could totally relate to the bunker mentality. The other way was just roll right over them (aggressively) with a tough luck type of approach. Good video, and keep up the good work.

  2. Damn I could have gone to that conference!
    Thanks for posting this video, a bit of inspiration for aspiring science communicators is always well received 🙂

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