Pepsi, We Hardly Knew Ye!

A quick update to my post from yesterday about Scienceblogs. The dreaded Pepsi blog is gone. Details from PZ Myers and Paul Raeburn.

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  1. There’s a huge amount of hypocrisy in drawing attention to this at the same the Discovery blogs carry ads for creationist nuttiness.

    [CZ: Allan, are you familiar with how Google ads works? They select ads based on criteria from the advertisers for matching ads to web pages. Discover does not go out looking for creationist outfits to advertise on their web site. Fortunately, you can block ads in various ways, such as specifying certain phrases or sites. The only challenge is keeping up with all the new ads that manage to slip through the filters. So whenever I notice that Google Ads has thrown a creationist ad like that onto my blog, I immediately get on the horn to Discover to tell them to send a message to Google to block it–which they usually do within minutes. There is absolutely no parallel between the situation you’ve pointed out and inviting a corporation to pay for a blog to be hosted on a site.

    But I do want to thank you for drawing my attention to this new ad. I will send an email to Discover right now.]

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