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South African photo safari – giraffe

The giraffe was the first species we saw on our South African safari last year (actually the second but, seriously, impala don’t count). Like many of Africa’s large mammals, it moves with remarkable grace for something so large and it disappears behind shrubbery with remarkable ease for something so tall.


These two are youngsters, left behind at a feeding creche. The one of the left is probably a female, given the tufts of hair on the top of her horns.

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9 thoughts on “South African photo safari – giraffe

  1. I have always wondered if giraffes and camels were related somehow. The eyes and nose and mouth are kind of similar.

  2. It depends on what you mean by “related”. All animals, and indeed all living things, are “related” to some extent because they evolved from a common ancestor. Giraffes and camels are obviously both mammals, and they both belong to the same order – Artiodactyla, the hoofed mammals with and even number of toes.

    That’s about as far as it goes. Giraffes and camels belong to different families within that order. Giraffes, for example, are more closely related to deer, cows, sheep, goats and antelopes than they are to camels.

  3. Lol at the impala comment. They are so common in the wild life reserves, after a while, you get excited because there’s some more wildlife, and then you realise that, dammit, just another rooibok. The zebras are almost just as common, even more so in some places.

  4. Giraffes were the first species you saw? Not likely. I have no doubt that they they were the first species of charismatic megafauna that you saw. If we exclude the other humans and domesticated animals and crops that you saw en route, then more likely than not the first “wild” species you saw were plants – like the acacia trees surrounding your CMF or even more likely the herbs and grasses they and you were treading on. Maybe you could do a story how people view plants as “wallpaper”.

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