A Podcast To Young Science Writers

I got an email today from a college student interested in becoming a science writer, asking how I got into the field and how it works. I get these emails from time to time, and in the past I’ve replied with an email of my own. But it occurred to me today that it would be better to direct them a podcast.

In November, when I visited the University of British Columbia, I gave a talk at their journalism school about how I became a science writer, and what it’s like for me today. It may not be interesting to people who are interested in science, rather than the business of science writing. But if you’re curious about this peculiar way of life, check it out.

This link takes you to the University of British Columbia on Itunes. Scroll down to find the podcast with my name on it.

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  1. Oh good. I get these emails from time to time too and I’ve been meaning to write some thoughts down in a blog post. Now I have something else to link to!

  2. Its so great that you take time out to respond to young potential science writers. It means so much to them to get a response from someone they respect and look up to. I know this from personal experience as well!

  3. Very nice. I hope you emphasize how important it is to hold on to climate change no matter what revelations come out discrediting individual scientists and IPCC leaders. Remember that it is not the scientist or the research that is important. Instead it is the underlying love for the planet and the will to see that those who abuse the planet are punished and put out of business. thanks again

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