Fall talks and other new stuff on carlzimmer.com

A while back my web site was hacked and my archive of stories vanished. After switching servers, I left the site frozen in time while I dealt with more pressing matters. I’ve finally gotten a little stretch of free time to refresh my memory of Dreamweaver, and now the site is back up to date. Along with the archive, you can also find an updated list of past and future talks. I’m starting to make plans for talks about The Tangled Bank and the 15oth anniversary of The Origin of Species this fall, and appearances are now just starting to fall into place. I expect more talks to pop up in the weeks to come, and I will be much more diligent in getting the information online quickly.

0 thoughts on “Fall talks and other new stuff on carlzimmer.com

  1. Denver in December, huh? Well, if I’ve got my pre-ordered book by then, I guess I’ll stop by and ask (or beg? plead to? pray to?!?) you to sign it! That’d make two. w00t!



    [Carl: I’ll be there ready to sign.]

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