The Pantheon of Zombifying Parasite All-Stars

Mental Floss has a nice two-post line-up of the weirdest mind-controlling parasites that we know of (1, 2). Some will no doubt be familiar to readers of the Loom, but others may be disturbingly new.

Update: Also check out Discover’s own gallery of parasitic horrors.

0 thoughts on “The Pantheon of Zombifying Parasite All-Stars

  1. The fish-tongue has to be the creepiest one, if for no other reason than because the image reminds me of Alien(s).

    Also, I think it’s absolutely fascinating how these very simple animals have managed to evolve on a complex enough scale as to actually begin controlling the actions of another creature. Well. Fascinating and horrifying.

  2. Some of these parasites remind me of assorted horror movie I’ve seen over the years. Funny how things that would terrify us if they ever happened to humans are perfectly natural in the insect kingdom.

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