Venomous Dragon [Tattoo]

komodo_dragon_tattoo.jpg Bryan Grieg Fry writes: “Here is my contribution: one of our actual CT-scans of a Komodo Dragon.”

Carl: First came the research. Then came the New York Times article. And then came the tattoo. Behold the arc of science…

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0 thoughts on “Venomous Dragon [Tattoo]

  1. Its so excellent to see him here. He is one of my absolute favorite scientists. (The whole gorgeous thing doesn’t hurt either.)

  2. Nice i like komodos. And i would like to have a tattoo of one but i dont know where to look for inspiration can you help me?

  3. I just discovered you on the Discovery Channel. Funny that I have never heard of you before. I am doing my research now. Have fun with the tatts!

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