Hold Very Still…

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Frank writes, “Hey there!  I didn’t tattoo science, science tattooed me!  I’m coming up on being five years free of testicular cancer thanks in part to this tiny tattoo that helped the technicians correctly align my Guidant radiation treatments.”

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0 thoughts on “Hold Very Still…

  1. Hey…. I’ve got eight or nine of those myself. And it’s coming up on twenty-five years since my diagnosis of testicular cancer. I guess that means I’m fairly well cured.

  2. Carl, I love your blog, but I’m bored with the tattoos.

    Like, really bored.

    Maybe you could fork the tatoos into their own blog, or give us a tat00-free filtered feed?

    I hate clicking on the Google Reader links on my iPhone for yet another tattoo.

  3. Many, many of us have those tiny tattoos – mine are courtesy of the The TomoTherapy® guys at my cancer center (lung): other places use Sharpies 🙂 Not sure they had Sharpies 25 years ago, though. Excellent for you both, Frank and Lynn!

  4. At first I thought this was going to be a tribute to the “pale blue dot” concept. I wonder if anyone thought of doing that. I think it’d be a great, meaningful tattoo, but which could still be very discreet and concealable.

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