Isles of Shoals


This morning: grey clouds and low tide on White Island, home to an empty lighthouse, thousands of terns, and thousands more mosquitoes. And red algae.

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  1. Carl, I love reading your bits and blogs and books. I’ve met you at least once, when you gave a talk at the Museum in New York City. I was there with my illustrator-friend Carl Buell.

    Parasite Rex especially made an impression on me, and I just wrote something somewhat the result of that impression. Sorry to post a blog-whore note here, but I couldn’t find an email address for you, so it’s all your fault.

    Anyway: Earthman’s Notebook: Invasion of the Buddy Snatchers /

  2. OMG, you reminded me of this place. I went there during the Summer of 1975 with my father on a tour boat ride. We saw whales along the way. The isles of shoals is a great bird sanctuary. I forgot all about it until I saw your article here. Thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory of my teenage years!

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