Beats a Medical Bracelet

Beats a medical bracelet
“I was born with a decent size hole in my heart and my parents were told that it would eventually go away with time. It didn’t, and progressed into irregular beating and cardiac arhythmia. Finally, when I was 18, my doctor noticed that the sound of my heart had changed and that she didn’t think it was functioning the way it should be. I went to a specialist and he determined that the AV node was blocked and that my heart was only beating half of what it should be. I got a pacemaker on December 23, 2003 when I was just 18. A couple years later, as a Christmas gift, my fiance paid for me to get the medical symbol for the pacemaker tattooed on my upper right wrist.”

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  1. im actually 16 and just got a pacemaker a couple months ago.
    the day they told me i needed one i also decided i wanted a tattoo to represent it.
    this is a cool one, im still brainstorming though.

  2. I got my pacemaker in 2002, I was 19. That’s a great tattoo. I actually work EMS and have always found it awesome when people get tattoos to help us find their history. I too would like to get a tattoo to represent my pacemaker, not just having it, but to represent the change in lifestyle that it represents. Just need to find that right fit!

  3. at 25 i got my pacemaker, i passed out DURING my tattoo and found out why when i got my physical for park police… it would be cool to get a steam punk tattoo of the pacemaker….

  4. I had my first defib implanted when I was 10 and I’ve lost so many medic alert bracelets it’s unbelievable. This is an awesome idea though 🙂

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