Subatomic Doodling


Zach writes:

“It is a half sleeve up my upper right arm based around an image taken by one of the CERN bubble chambers. It is based on this image. I first saw that image my freshman year of college. It had the sublime, simple beauty that only something made of math and science can have. It stuck with me for 8 more years before I actually decided to get it etched into me. Oddly enough, on Valentine’s Day. I guess it was my Valentine’s to physics and science. Oh, and when people ask who drew it, I always respond ‘God.'”

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0 thoughts on “Subatomic Doodling

  1. zach ultimately EVERYTHING can be reduced to or thought of in terms of “pure” math and science if thats what you want to do-its just whether or not you can describe the phenomena in those terms and if you choose to. for me even the most simple things dwarf the conceptual net my mind is always swinging at everything and i actually prefer this-to be caught up into the whirlwind of awe and ecstasy of the dance, the Presence of the “natural” world in the same way we did when we were animals.

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