Antique Microscope

“It’s great to see that there are other uber-nerds out there! I am a microbiologist so my obvious choice was a microscope. This one is an antique from 1893, and it is along the left side of my spine.” –Jillian

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  2. Very nice rendition of a microscope! Someone else with a microscope tattoo on this blog said that 90% of the people that see it mistake it for a telescope, do you have a similar problem often? I wonder if Tony Shapps made that mistake (it seems he did but I might be mistaken).

  3. Hi!

    I am a microbiologist, too, and I want to tattoo something connected with microbiology because I really love it. Anyway, I was just searching the web for ideas and come across this photo. It feels great to know that there are other keen microbiologists!

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