Wiring A Species

In my latest column for Wired, I take a look at the ever-fascinating intersection between engineering and biology. An electrical engineer-turned-ecologist uses the principles of circuits to track the flow of genes in endangered species. Remarkably, it works. Take a look.

0 thoughts on “Wiring A Species

  1. That was very interesting, thank you Mr. Zimmer.

    I wonder what the over-under is on how long it will take someone at Uncommon Descent to see the words “circuit” and “DNA” in the same article and declare it yet another victory for Intelligent Design. Note that to do so will require not reading both your article AND the original source material, but I am confident the UD crowd can manage it.

  2. Further evidence that departments in universities don’t correspond to real boundaries in science.

    I’m an ecologist teaching scientific writing to Korean grad students in engineering. I often have trouble showing an interface between my field and theirs. Mr Zimmer: Can you provide a citation so that I can access the original paper?

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