Science Writing Workshop Site Is Up

I’ve set up a web page for the workshop I’ll be teaching at Yale next month. If I had to sum up my line of work in four hours, a few things to read, and one writing assignment, this would probably be it.

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  1. Nice! I may try it out too! I am terrible at writing papers, ’cause my style tends to be discursive… may be this would fit me better.

    Little snafu on the website:
    Second Meeting:
    Tuesday, February 5, 2007, 9 am to 11 am.

    Unless you have a time machine, that is…

  2. I myself prefer using the expression lay person as opposed to non-scientist. Recently one has become inured to associating lay with laity, the congregations of one religious sort or another. Since the late Middle Ages the adjective has, though, often been used – especially in reference to medicine and the law – to refer to the “uninitiated”, non-expert, non-specialist etc… .

    In any event, one might like to take a look at the December 10th New Yorker for an outstanding piece of science writing, in my opinion.

    It’s possibly a publications readers here don’t regularly read?

    I think your workshop could very well be a wonderful opportunity for many students, not just those wishing to write about science matters, but for those who want to try and learn some of the techniques used to attempt to clearly elaborate on ideas generally speaking, no? In a variety of areas, disciplines. I’d hope so.

  3. Dang. Wish I could be there. Any chance this show will go on the road? After all, Yale grad students shouldn’t be more privileged than they already are… Thanks for posting your materials. Signed, ACZW (you have to guess)

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