I’ll be there

I still am a bit disappointed that I had to miss SVP this year, but fellow paleo-blogger Amanda has suggested that everyone who wants to attend the 2008 meeting put a little progress bar on their blog to remind themselves to start saving up for the trip (you can make your own using this word cash meter). I’m setting mine at $1,500, and although registration is only a fraction of this amount, I’m going to need to save a lot for gas, hotels, food, extra activities, the money I won’t be making since I’ll have to take off from work, and the armful of books I’m sure to come home with. Indeed, I’m setting the bar high ($1,500 is about 1/20 of my annual income) so that even if I come up short I’ll still be able to get there, and I would recommend that anyone else who is planning on going do so as well.

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