Paleo Profile: Nothronychus graffami

Name: Nothronychus graffami

Meaning: The genus name translates to "slothful claw", while the species name honors the dinosaur's discoverer, Merle Graffam.

Age: Around 93 million years ago

Where in the world?: Southern Utah

What sort of critter?: Nothronychus was an herbivorous theropod dinosaur that belonged to a lineage called therizinosaurs.

Size: Over 15 feet long.

How much of the creature’s body is known?: Vertebrae from the neck, back, and tail; ribs; hips; hindlimb, and forelimb.

Claim to fame: In 2001, paleontologists Jim Kirkland and Doug Wolfe named a very strange dinosaur. Relatively little of its skeleton was known - a few vertebrae, part of an arm, part of a leg, and a piece of ...

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