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How to Follow Your Phenomena Favorites

Our readers have spoken: You want RSS feeds to follow all your favorites, and now we have them.

The blogs are in the process of moving to the news section of National Geographic’s website, and you can now find them on their own pages at the links below.

If you already have an RSS feed reader installed, you can use the links below to follow your favorite blogs. These links also appear on each blog’s home page. (Those cute little orange RSS buttons are coming soon, but in the meantime we didn’t want to keep you waiting!)

Robert Krulwich at Curiously Krulwich
RSS: Click here

Nadia Drake at No Place Like Home
RSS: Click here

Maryn McKenna at Germination
RSS: Click here

Betsy Mason and Greg Miller at All Over the Map
RSS: Click here

Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science
RSS: Click here

Erika Engelhaupt at Gory Details
RSS: Click here

All Blogs
Or, click here to follow all the Phenomena blogs in one feed!

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