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Looking for Your Favorite Phenomena Writers?

We’re moving! The Phenomena blogs will have a clean new look and better visibility as part of the daily mix on the National Geographic News website.

You’ll find all your favorite bloggers on their own pages and soon on a new home page for all of our science blog contributors:

Robert Krulwich at Curiously Krulwich

Nadia Drake at No Place Like Home

Maryn McKenna at Germination

Betsy Mason and Greg Miller at All Over the Map

Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science

Erika Engelhaupt at Gory Details

Please pardon the dust as we make the transition; it will take a little while to move all the archived stories over to the new site. Thank you for following us to our new home!

7 thoughts on “Looking for Your Favorite Phenomena Writers?

  1. Are there going to be RSS feeds for the new sites? I couldn’t find any. (Which may mean I will stop clicking through and reading these pieces.

  2. I can see the new webpages don’t have any RSS. Would it be possible to add them, or to keep mirror-posting articles at Phenomena RSS? That would be very helpful.

  3. So long as you get rid of the endless scroll or make it toggleble I’ll be happy. I really didn’t like trying to read phenomena while constantly having to scroll down, click read more, then scroll past stuff I’d already seen to get to 10 further things, then click read more again and scroll from the top down again.

    It really ruined the readability of the site for me. Pages excellent by comparison. I could always pretty much jump to the date where I’d left the site.

  4. Please stay tuned—RSS feeds are coming soon! We will keep you posted in this comment thread and on the blog pages.

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