Laelaps is Making Tracks

Park Avenue in Arches National Park. Photo by Brian Switek.
Park Avenue in Arches National Park. Photo by Brian Switek.

After more than three years, Laelaps has ended its run on National Geographic. You can find the archive of Brian Switek’s posts here.

Going forward, you can find Laelaps in its new habitat at Scientific American. We wish Brian well in his new home.

— National Geographic Staff


5 thoughts on “Laelaps is Making Tracks

  1. Congratulations on your new home. I never thought you would long survive the Murdoch takeover of National Geographic.

    Blogs preserve, better than other media, the free ranging spirit of the English language essay, going back to Francis Bacon. I doubt I have 1% of your readership, but know that with these readers I have a very personal kind of contact.

    So here’s to your ongoing success, in this as in other formats

  2. Congratulations – perhaps~~~ it is good that there is a new home for one of my favourite noontime reading rituals. But really I am a saddened – the Phenomena site has a cast of contributors that I thoroughly enjoy and with the passing of those who have moved on before you – each time it feels like I have lost a bit of the reason why I visit this salon so often.

    It is true that I can visit the new Scientific American site… but as has happened in the past, it is the collective of all contributors that give me the impetus to return and absorb… and I slowly lose contact with the new locations and a tiny bit of the enjoyment that I get with each new post.

    Good luck and enjoy – I am not sure how these types of blogs work for those that publish, but I am sure that the change will be a successful one for you.

  3. I, too, wondered when the new ownership and for profit configuration would effect the only blogging team I regularly follow. Sadly, it looks like the changes have begun.

    Best of luck Brian, I’ve learned a lot from reading LaeLaps

  4. So you’re leaving and they’re keeping Krulwich? Rats!

    Just another manifestation of the General Doom, I guess…

    At least Nadia Drake is still around.

    We’ll see you @ your new home.


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