On Dinosaur Time

In my line of work, I throw time around a lot. In almost everything I write, I casually list dates when this or that prehistoric creature lived without much further comment, and I can’t help but ask myself if that’s because timespans in millions upon millions of years are so big that it’s impossible to truly wrap my head around them. My 32 years on Earth are just a blip compared to the compounded ages locked in stone. But out in the desert, up close with Deep Time, it’s possible to gain a slightly finer appreciation for the unfathomable ages that came before. That’s what this video, filmed last summer as part of the Dinologue series, is all about:

2 thoughts on “On Dinosaur Time

  1. I love anything and everything about dinosaurs. I’m 61 years old and I’ve been a fan since I was around 5 years old. The continuous discoveries and computer animation keeps me fascinated. Thanks for this site!

  2. I have read many ways to explain how big big numbers really are but found them not really satisfactory. (Like 1 million pages is a pile of 50 meters of books; this makes a million only look smaller).
    I decided to make a million visible. With a word-processor and copy-paste I wrote down 1 million dots (Times New Roman, 11). Around 250 pages. And cliked on “print”. Got a nice book of 250 pages of dots. When you leaf through it you see all those dots.
    Then you really can appreciate how big a million is.

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