Darwin in the City: My Talk About Humans Driving Evolution

Yesterday I delivered the Director’s Lecture at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. Speaking as I was at a lovely green island in a venerable city, I decided to talk about how life evolves in our human-dominated world. My talk ranged from New York City mice to HIV to GM-crop-feasting insects to climate-driven extinctions.

I’ve embedded the video below the fold. The lighting on my is fairly dim, but the slides show up fine and the sound is clear. Below the video, I’ve also embedded the slides for easy viewing.

The video:

The slides:

I hope you enjoy it.

One thought on “Darwin in the City: My Talk About Humans Driving Evolution

  1. I am a “fan” of Darwin. I followed some of the subjects that he wrote to Nature from “The Collected papers of C. Darwin”. I think that a quarter century ago in a paper that I got was published in 1989 I open a new door for the navigation of all animals by accurate sensing Gravity and the rotation of the Earth with molecules with internal rotors(that I postulated based on the “errors” in their dances (Lindauer & Martin),
    The molecule now we know and is ATP synthase a true Molecular Rotary Motor with Gyroscopic properties. The rotation of the Earth is sensed in a similar way as the Foucault pendulum works by the Coriolis Force. My paper was titled “Animal Navigation and Biological Rhythms: the Inertial Theory” for more info, email me or check http://animalnav.org look for my name under “Scientific Theories”. Have fun, I did.

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