Memoirs by Scientists: A Crowd-Sourced List

I’m reviewing a memoir by a scientist, and it’s gotten me reflecting on this peculiar sub-genre. I started thinking about especially good examples–in particular, ones that manage to balance the personal experiences of the author with the professional accomplishments. I ended up thinking aloud about it on Twitter, and ended up with a spontaneous reading list that had some usual suspects but also some intriguing surprises. Here it is (Note: Please be sure to click the blue bar labeled “Read Next Page.” There are a lot more!)


7 thoughts on “Memoirs by Scientists: A Crowd-Sourced List

  1. Although they are not memoirs, I would add C.P. Snow’s work, particularly The New Men and The Affair for the science-inclined, plus The Masters for general academia. Predating the Strangers & Brothers set (which includes all of those), he wrote a superb stand-alone novel called The Search, about a young boy who becomes a scientist.

    They’re not really memoirs, in that they pose as fiction, but are based on real events, and the number of novels written by scientists about being a scientist and doing science is very small…so I am submitting them here.

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