Stepping off the Spaceship

Recently a producer from the radio show Studio 360 called me up to talk science fiction. They wanted to throw a light on some of the artists who gave us the pictures we have of other worlds–of what we see when we step off the spaceship.

It just so happens that I grew up knowing one of them, named Jack Schoenherr, so I threw his name in the hat. It turns out that Studio 360 also runs a series of pieces called “Aha Moments” about experiences with art that change people’s lives. So we decided to combine the two, and I talked about what it’s like to be a ten-year-old boy walking into a barn studio full of giant sandworms and elephants and astronauts.

The piece is airing this week. You can listen to it on the Studio 360 web site and check out a slide show of a few of Schoenherr’s paintings. I’ve also embedded the piece below [Note–the sound isn’t working in this embedded version on Safari at the moment, but it is in Chrome and on the show site.]:

For more on Schoenherr, see this remembrance I wrote when he died in 2010, or head over to a blog maintained by his son Ian, himself an accomplished children’s book illustrator.

John Schoenherr, "The Flight through the Shield Wall." Courtesy of Ian Schoenherr
John Schoenherr, “The Flight through the Shield Wall.” Courtesy of Ian Schoenherr

One thought on “Stepping off the Spaceship

  1. Carl,

    As an avid Phenomenist (my own word) and a long time Dune fanatic, I was floored when i opened the page to see Emperor Shaddam’s shock troops being chased across the sands of Arrakis by Shai-Hulud. What a pleasant surprise! I’ve known these images as some of my favorites, yet never knew the man responsible for making them reality. Thanks for the introduction.

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