Where Dogs Are From: My New Column for the New York Times

I suspect I will be writing about the science of dogs as long as I’m writing about science at all. These creatures, despite being so familiar, have so much left to reveal. For my new “Matter” column at The New York Times, I look at the latest research on the origin of dogs, based on new analysis of DNA from ancient dog (or wolf?) fossils. For now, there’s a battle over where dogs first called home. Check it out.

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  1. Phil
    November 14, 2013

    DNA hint of European origin for dogs
    BBC News – ‎3 minutes ago‎

    No-one doubts that “man’s best friend” is an evolutionary off-shoot of the grey wolf, but scientists have long argued over the precise timing and location for their emergence.

  2. Kathleen
    November 15, 2013

    There are few more worthy subjects than dogs. I’m hooked!

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