Bird Sex and Why It Matters: My New Column For the New York Times

No penis required. Google "cloacal kiss." Photo by PWIO via Creative Commons

No penis required. Google “cloacal kiss.” Photo by PWIO via Creative Commons [Photo linked to original]

Sex is intriguing in all its forms, and bird sex is particularly intriguing. Some male birds have giant corkscrew-shaped penises, but most have none, thanks to its evolutionary disappearance millions of years ago. For “Matter,” my weekly New York Times column, I take a look at the case of the disappearing penis, and why it’s important to study, despite what some cable news pundits may say. Check it out!

(And for you anatomy junkies, Ed Yong has more!)

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  1. justintipu
    June 6, 2013


  2. Termite Fullmoon
    June 7, 2013

    Awesome article!
    By the way, both your hyperlinks lead to the same page (unless you meant them to?)

    [CZ: Thanks–fixed]

  3. Katie
    June 11, 2013

    This is a great topic. The essay by Dr. Brennan is excellent as well, thank you for providing the link. It’s nice to see well-reasoned support of basic science, particularly in a world where we are spiraling ever faster into more and more applied research. Both are necessary and valuable, so thank you for sharing!

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