Tectonic Skin (Saturday Science Tattoo)

Anna writes, “I’m a geology student at UCSC and I got to thinking what tattoo would really encapsulate the major, regardless of what I do with it. Plate tectonics is the driving force behind all geologic processes; it’s crazy to me how young the science is. So I got a tattoo, a map of the world with plate boundaries and the direction of their motion, along with a 3D image of a cross section of a subduction zone.”

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4 thoughts on “Tectonic Skin (Saturday Science Tattoo)

  1. She also appears to have omitted the charming country of New Zealand which straddles one of the most interesting plate boundaries that you can stand on. Also, why would one choose a projection centered on the Atlantic and all of those passive margins when a Pacific (ring of fire) centered projection would match the inset cross-section much better?

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