Heads up: Appearing on Fresh Air tomorrow on NPR

Recently I talked with Dave Davies, guest host on Fresh Air, about viruses and other things invisible. Our conversation airs tomorrow (Tuesday 4/17) on National Public Radio. More details can be found on the program’s web site.

One thought on “Heads up: Appearing on Fresh Air tomorrow on NPR

  1. Carl–heard your interview on NPR today– fascinating–and you do a wonderful job explaining the complicated! I was wondering if you had heard of a product called Protandim (http://www.abcliveit.com/site/Glutathione.html) that is made of 5 botanicals and is supposed to synergize and activate Nrf2 cellularly to trigger our DNA to up-regulate it’s antioxidant production.
    The science behind it seems impressive– 10 peer-reviewed studies–but most doctors have never heard of it. (It’s being independently distributed–so that’s part of it, of course) It has been backed by the AHA, and seems promising . . . I’m a little confused as to why it isn’t on everyone’s radar?

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