#scienceink on Studio 360 this weekend

We’re getting close to the publication of Science Ink (official date, November 1), and some very fun things are approaching. The wonderful National Public Radio show Studio 360, hosted by Kurt Anderson, decided to talk to some of the scientists featured in the book–about their science, about their tattoos, and about the nature of openness. It will be on their next episode, which starts airing around the country this weekend. (Here’s the segment page on their web site.)

And you can listen to it right here–


More announcements to come!

One thought on “#scienceink on Studio 360 this weekend

  1. I sent the neanderthal gene article to my molecular biologist son – he said ” so we share genes with neanderthals, big deal since we share genes with snails”. So what does it mean to share genes? If we share 95% of our genes with chimps, but every human’s genes are unique, what the heck are we talking about? Alleles?

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