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New comment policy

I’m getting somewhat inundated with spam and it’s a pain, so I’m going to click the little button that says “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”. If you’ve commented before, there shouldn’t be any problems. Otherwise, I’ll have to approve, which I will do frequently.

Let’s see how that works for the moment.

10 thoughts on “New comment policy

  1. Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

    My blog gets new spam messages every day. I’m going to have to start using comment verification, which people hate, but I hate deleting spam comments MORE.

  2. Another test comment. See if I’m banned after hinting our field research team might need to eat an accompanying journalist if we were stranded in the mountains again. 🙂

  3. To clarify, everyone who has previously commented, and the vast majority of people who have never done so, can comment freely. I have a very light-touch comment policy.

    This is to weed out spam more effectively. I’ve had about 12 spam messages since I enacted this rule!

  4. I know what a nuisance that can be. My filter caught most of it, but for some reason one post I had kept getting spam comments. I have no idea–there was nothing in the post that I could see that would generate it. In the end I deleted the post.

  5. I’m a regular reader, but not sure if I’ve ever commented. So I’m commenting now, so that if I decide to comment in the future, I’ll already have an approved comment!

    Love your stuff. Thanks for sharing with us.

    — gt

  6. GaryU stole the comment I had prepared already 😉

    If you can cut away most of the spam automagically, it is of cause a nice option to switch on the filter in case of emergency.

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