Best of American Science Writing 2011 (Now with extra bloggy goodness)

I’m thrilled to have a piece of mine in this year’s edition of Best of American Science Writing. The book, edited by Rebecca Skloot and her father Floyd, is officially published on Tuesday, 9/27, but you can order it now on Amazon. My semi-skeptical take on the Singularity is in there, as is lots of excellent stuff–including fellow Discover blogger Ed Yong’s tale of sushi genes in Japanese gut bugs. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the first time a blog post has made it into this series. So congratulations to Ed Yong for giving the old blogs-versus-journalism critics another reason to pull their hair out.

7 thoughts on “Best of American Science Writing 2011 (Now with extra bloggy goodness)

  1. Congrats Carl. By good fun chance, my story on the science of choking under pressure, which was a blog post, is appearing in the coming-any-day-now Best American Sports Wriging 2011. I didn’t submit it to the Science Writing anthology b/c didn’t realize it was eligible; but somehow the sports folks saw it and grabbed it. So we’re pushing the boundary in science and sports both, in the same year.

  2. Congrats to all — will order a copy right away. Say, it would be fantastic to try and accumulate the autographs of as many of the authors as possible on one’s copy . . . wonder how best to accomplish that?

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