The Final Stage of Madness: The Ultimate Autographed Book Clearance Sale

Thanks to everyone who has been taking my extra books off my hands in advance of a summer of house-gutting. If you’ve been holding out, or if you’ve been thinking about getting another book, your moment has come. Apparently, some brain-infecting parasite has taken such a grievous toll on my Economic Cortex that I now find myself offering you this final, ridiculous sale to end all sales. All the remaining autographed hardback books in my Amazon store are now ten dollars. All autographed paperback books are five dollars.

Let me break it down for you. Click on the links below to order your copies:

Parasite Rex, US hardback (1 left): $10 Sold out!

Parasite Rex, US paperback (3 left): $5 Sold out!

Parasite Rex, UK paperback (15 1 left): $5 Sold out!

Microcosm, US paperback (8 left): $5 Sold out!

Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea, UK paperback (the 2003 Arrow edition, no illustrations, 3 copies left): $5 Sold out!

Soul Made Flesh US paperback (1 left): $5Sold out!

Soul Made Flesh UK hardback (11 4 left): $10

Soul Made Flesh UK paperback (11 7 left): $5

Smithsonian Intimate Guide to Human Origins, US hardback (8 1 left): $10 Sold out!

Where Did We Come From? (The UK paperback version of the Smithsonian Guide, 1 left): $5 Sold out!

T. Rex and the Crater of Doom (I wrote the introduction to the new edition of Walter Alvarez’s classic tale of catastrophism): $5

At the Water’s Edge US paperback (4 1 left): $5 Sold out!

Thanks again. I hope to recover my senses by the end of the summer…

2 thoughts on “The Final Stage of Madness: The Ultimate Autographed Book Clearance Sale

  1. That’s three now, you magnificent bastard.

    Listen here, you: You better hope I never get ahold of your checkbook because I’m going to become pretty familiar with your signature over the next couple weeks.

    Seriously though, I read your “Human Origins” book a while back and loved it. I’m reading “Evolution: Triumph of an Idea” now and loving it even more. Keep writing great books, and I’ll keep buying them. They’re worth a few Ramen dinners.

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