Good morning Wisconsin: On the radio Thursday at 8 am CST

I’m going to talk about viruses on the Joy Cardin show on Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow (Thursday, July 7) at 8 am CST (9 am EST). Listen here!

Update: the show is archived for your listening pleasure here.

2 thoughts on “Good morning Wisconsin: On the radio Thursday at 8 am CST

  1. I subscribe to Discover because I think there may be people running the place that are scientifically literate as well as numerate. Why is it then, I receive an email inviting me to listen to a radio broadcast ( Wisconsin Public Radio, Joy Cardin Show ) seven hours and twelve minutes AFTER it started ?

    This does not rise to the level of stupidity ! Maybe you need to have an article about ” The twenty things Discover magazine does not know about calenders and clocks” Ever heard the term ”customer service” ?

    Figure it out……. JOHN

    [CZ: John–I’m not aware of emails that are being sent out about my blog. If you are still interested in listening to the program, it has been archived here.]

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