My "Viral Time" talk–now on

Here, for your viewing pleasure (I hope), is my recent talk about time and viruses, at the Long Now Foundation. I turn up after a short video, and then after the lecture Stewart Brand and I have a fun conversation about how viruses will not infect you with superpowers.

One thought on “My "Viral Time" talk–now on

  1. Thank you for that talk! I just watched it and I am now amazed by viruses. I keep thinking about when I was studying biology as an undergrad and how virus wasn’t even considered life back then.

    Giant viruses fascinates me, particularly by being so of the chart in the three of life. Can you recommend some review about these viruses, preferably written with an angle that emphasises their evolutionary origins? That would be awesome.

    Cheers, Emil.

    [CZ: A good place to start would be this brand new review in American Scientist.]

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