The Kindle edition of A Planet of Viruses is here

A number of Loominaries have asked if there is a Kindle version of A Planet of Viruses. As of this morning, the answer’s yes. Please infect your reading device!

5 thoughts on “The Kindle edition of A Planet of Viruses is here

  1. How many pictures are in the hardback version and do they transfer well to the Kindle version? Are the pics in color?

  2. Woo hoo! Reading device now infected. Thanks Carl!

    JC….while the Kindle does not read colour, you can download Kindle for PC (or Mac, or iPhone, or iPad). If a book has colour pictures, you can view them in colour on your computer monitor. E.g. Climate Change Biology by Hannah, and The Making of the Fittest by Carroll both have colour plates that are black-and-white on Kindle but in colour on my monitor.

    When it comes to just reading, it seems so natural on a Kindle that originally I kept twitching my fingers in preparation to turn a page manually. Now when I read an actual book I sometimes want to push a button to make the page turn. I do have my Kindle enclosed in a leather reading case so it opens like a book which contributes to the illusion of reading an actual dead tree type book.

  3. Thanks guys, I think I’ll be loading it up. I should have been more specific in that I have a G-Tablet with Kindle reader so I guess that’ll be in color.

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