Tomorrow: Synthetic Biology lecture in Manchester, Connecticut

If you live in central Connecticut, please consider coming to my public lecture tomorrow (Wednesday 4/12). It’s entitled, “Synthetic Biology: Playing God or Harnessing Nature?” The talk is sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers, the Connecticut Valley Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, and Manchester Community College.

Here are the details:

Where: Manchester Community College, Great Path Academy Building, Community Commons. (Here are directions and maps.)

When: 5:30 pm, Wednesday, April 12

More information here.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow: Synthetic Biology lecture in Manchester, Connecticut

  1. This lecture sounds fascinating, indeed. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend today. Will there be other lectures in the NY/NJ/CT area?

    [CZ: I keep an updated list of upcoming talks here.]

  2. Hey, speaking of nothing (but the image above inspired me to comment), I received my copy of “A Planet of Viruses” from Amazon yesterday, and what a handsome little book! Great stuff. I’ve been skipping around in it and especially enjoyed the section on mimiviruses so far, and of course the terrific illstrations. Great job, Carl! I’m looking forward to getting at the rest of it in a more systematic approach over the weekend.

  3. I also consider the title a very interesting one but due to some geographical problems I could not attend the lecture. Therefore I would also like to ask whether you will give any lectures in my area here. Cologne, Germany, that is…Not exactly close by, but you never know…

    [CZ: No talks scheduled in Europe any time soon. Whenever I confirm an upcoming appearance, I post it here: ]

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