The Tangled Bank is "spectacularly successful"–Quarterly Review of Biology

The Quarterly Review of Biology delivers a rave for The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution. Daniel McShea of Duke University writes:

This is the first textbook I have seen by a professional science writer. If this is a sort of experiment in textbook publishing, it is a spectacularly successful one…The result is an introduction to the field that is not only accurate and up to date, but—of course—well written. How important is the prose in a textbook? For students, lively versus leaden, or clear versus cryptic, can be the difference between understanding and not, between being turned on to a field and being turned off. For what it is worth, I solicited help for this review from a biologically inclined high school student, who read a few chapters and reported it to be both clear and engaging….In summary, this is an excellent textbook, one that ought to be—and will be, I predict—widely adopted.

3 thoughts on “The Tangled Bank is "spectacularly successful"–Quarterly Review of Biology

  1. I’ve been using it for my Intro to Biological Evolution class at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY for the past two years. It is awesome! It’s the third text I have used for this class, and it will be the only text I will ever use in the future. My students love it. And the price is half of what most textbooks cost. The Quarterly Review was bang on.

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