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Photo safari – Duke Lemur Centre

On Friday, I visited the Duke Lemur Centre, as part of the Science Online 2011 conference. Given that it was winter, we didn’t get to see the lemurs out and about, but even indoors, they were fun to watch.

4 thoughts on “Photo safari – Duke Lemur Centre

  1. Who is this Duke Le’mur guy? I thought the French have Counts, not Dukes?

    That’s what I said to myself when I read the headline.

  2. You’ll need the nocturnal field guide. At night, what you do is to have a head torch on, and look around. Very soon, you will see the lemurs’ eyes reflecting the light back to you. Walk up to lemur (within a few feet, usually – although a mouse lemur actually leaped onto my shoulder), and identify at leisure.

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