The Edge Question 2011

At his website, Edge, John Brockman asks a big question each year and fields responses from scientists and writers (and scientist-writers).

This year’s question is “What scientific concept would improve everyone’s toolkit?”

My answer is, “Life as a side effect.”

As of this writing, Brockman has 155 other answers, too, so peruse and muse to your heart’s delight.

One thought on “The Edge Question 2011

  1. I always enjoy the annual Edge questions.

    Some of the ones I liked this year (in addition to Carl’s):

    Mathew Ridley — collective intelligence
    Daniel Dennett — cycles
    Marcel Kinsbourne The expanding in-group
    Andy Clark — Predictive Coding
    Mark Henderson — sciences methods aren’t just for science
    Karyn Schultz — The pessimistic meta-induction from the history of science
    Bart Kosko — Q.E.D. moments
    Sue Blackmore — correlation is not a cause
    W. Tecumsem Fitch — an instinct to learn
    Fiery Cushman — confabulation
    Diane Halpern — A statistically significant difference …

    This year there are a lot of Neuroscientists and psychologists on the list.

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