100 Trillion Connections–For Free!

Scientific American has pulled my article on the complexity of brain networks out in front of their paywall. Check it out!

Update: Ack! For some people, it seems to be behind a paywall. I’ll get it onto carlzimmer.com when I get a chance.

4 thoughts on “100 Trillion Connections–For Free!

  1. Great article! You stole an idea I had for teaching a course at the Elms College (Chicopee, Mass.) in their Autism Program. Please do make it available on your site! It will give me a great structure around which to work. I was having trouble organizing my thoughts on this topic, and you’ve done it for me!

    “Consilience” comes to mind (have your read Edward O. Wilson’s thoughts on this?).

    I would say the stock market analogy is a poor one, and swarm intelligence is more on the right track as to how the brain organizes itself.

    In any case, many thanks for the article, and Happy New Year!

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