Robert Sapolsky on the metaphorical brain

A lovely piece from Robert Sapolsky, one of those scientists who gives us science-writers night terrors that we’ll be out of a job soon. It takes a while for Sapolsky to get to the gist, but it’s a gist worth waiting for: how we think in metaphor. So is poetry’s greatest strength the result of the social evolution of primates? Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Robert Sapolsky on the metaphorical brain

  1. I agree — I found the essay very thought-provoking.

    My first reaction to the dirt and guilt metaphor was, “out, damned spot”

    My main negative reaction was assigning functions to brain regions. But I want to read the essay several times for different reactions.

    Carl, you have competition.

  2. The true root of all evil is the combination of our primate antipathy to outgroup members, with our promethean ability to symbolize, as this article beautifully describes…

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