Brain Cuttings goes podcast!

Chris Mooney, my fellow Discover blogger, hosts a podcast called Point of Inquiry, and I’m the guest on his new episode. On the occasion of the publication of Brain Cuttings, we talk about the thinking glue that holds our brains together, Francis Collins’s views on the evolution of morality, and the future of books. Check it out!

One thought on “Brain Cuttings goes podcast!

  1. Carl,

    Really liked the podcast. Found your comments nuanced and, from my perspective, correct on almost every topic. I especially liked discussion of the singularity, Francis Collins, neuroscience-and-religion, what we know and don’t know about the brain.

    A big mystery, that connects many of these topics, is consciousness. As I neuroscientist, and trying to read broadly, I think I can describe ‘consciousness’ better, but I don’t think neuroscience, psychology or philosophy have explained the ‘hard problem’. Or even have good hypotheses. The conflict between dualism and materialism remains. I think I have an idea of what a conscious-like system is good for — why it is useful to have a central supervisor that can guide behavior — but I don’t know why it needs to have the ‘feeling’ of consciousness.


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